The Novus Horror Church of St. Martin

The Novus Horror Church of St. Martin

The outside is just the beginning…

Fasten your seatbelts, everyone, it’s going to be a rough ride. Today we present to you St. Martinus “Catholic” church in the village of Erdmannhausen in Germany. St. Martin’s is situated in the infamous diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, where Mr. Gebhard Fürst presides over the systematic destruction of the Faith. It belongs to the parish of the Holy Family in neighboring Marbach.


The above photo of the outside of the building gives you a foretaste of what’s inside. Below we have embedded a video and some screenshots that you are welcome to look at if you can stomach it. Keep in mind that you will not be able to “un-see” any of this, so… proceed at your own risk!

And now for the pictures (screenshots from the video, click to enlarge):

This is the worship space… Notice the flowers — got to make it look pretty!

Yes, you feared correctly: This is the “tabernacle”.

Well, whatever…

This mockery of a Catholic church is what Australians would call a “fair dinkum beauty”, at least the ones who appreciate irony.

This thing was built in 1970, the first full year the Novus Ordo Missae (“New Mass” of Paul VI) became obligatory in the Vatican II Sect, that conciliar church of the New Springtime. It’s evident that the Modernists simply could not find a way to make it any uglier. This blasphemous architecture — the style is actually called Brutalism, no joke — is the perfect structural expression of the Novus Ordo religion: hideous, cold, repulsive, barren, spiritually bankrupt, and destructive to souls.

A look at the last few decades corroborates this thesis entirely, and that’s no accident because the local Novus Ordo parish — not any conciliar documents or “papal” encyclicals — is what the average practicing “Catholic” is in touch with on at least a weekly basis. It’s where the Modernist rubber meets the unsuspecting Catholic-in-desire road, and there the most damage is done.

By the way, the Lutheran church in Erdmannhausen looks like this.



2 thoughts on “The Novus Horror Church of St. Martin

  1. I’m an Aussie and there is nothing “Fair Dinkum” or beautiful about this monstrosity of a so called Catholic Church. My initial thoughts were that this was someone’s modernist architectural designed home; nothing to distinguish it as a place of worship. Then I saw the poor little steel cross on what I presume was a modernist take of a bell tower or steeple. Oh yeah, that fixes everything! Now I see it’s a church….NOT!

    Unfortunately the interior represents a typical Catholic Church in many parts of Australia and sad to say, many of the local parishes around me in Brisbane. Probably the notable difference today though, is that you would actually have to find the tabernacle before genuflecting the first time in these churches.

    Fortunately not all of the beautiful old Churches have been completely gutted architecturally, thus far and I have attended Latin Masses in some of them, but I guess they also be destroyed in the upcoming Storm except by the miraculous power of God.

    Something is seriously wrong when I can admire the architecture of an heretical church to my own. Rome has certainly left the church! God Bless us All!

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