Shocking Profanation Of Eucharist During Easter Mass (VIDEO)

A profanation of the Eucharist has been recorded on two videos in Trieste, Italy.

During Easter Mass at San Giovanni Decollato in Trieste, Italy, a putative drug addict arrived in front of the priest with a body-camera.

A 35 second video (below) shows the priest distributing Communion saying “The Body of Christ.”

The man replies: “Thank you” asking sarcastically: “What part of his body is this?”

The priest answers in the local dialect, “Eat.” The man screams, “I eat when I want to eat. I’ll eat, I’ll eat, keep calm.”

Then he goes away holding the host it in front of his camera and repeating twice, “Is this the body of Christ?” adding “come on, this here is […] mamma mia, alright.”

And: “How can one turn a potato chip into the Body of Christ? Come on…” – then there is a censorship beeps in the video.

Some sources say that the man was then blocked by a parishioner who ordered him to consume the particle.

But there are doubts about this as a new video appeared showing him outside the church with the host in his eye like a monocle.

Since Second Vatican Council the Church takes such incidents with great carelessness.


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