MEMBER ARTICLE: Body Chemistry

“Do you believe in God,” was the question used during the Chinese E.S.L. class at Regina Pacis that I help with. This very question was undoubtedly asked by Zaccaeus in the Gospel of Luke19:1-10. Likewise it’s one that I’ve been asking myself once again. The reasons for this are almost otherworldly. Following another complete breakdown in November 2017 it took resorting to extremes to start my life over again. Apart from quitting narcotics and pills cold turkey, celibacy for going on three years has been the most rewarding and challenging as the key to beginning all over.


Similar to the U.S.M.C. going down the road of Catholic celibacy has required me to pick up a weapon, Rosary. Without failing I can say at some point during the day people around me outside, or inside will sneeze around me (regardless of how cold or warm it is). They’ll also itch where I feel the need to as well. This has happened allow over the state of New York no matter where I have been from any Borough in NYC, to Rochester NY, and the Southern Tier. This sounds crazy right? Let me play devil’s advocate.

“It’s just biology, human chemistry, illnesses.” Yet isn’t that the point? We are all made in God’s image, meaning the second person of the one ti-une God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You see when each

of us is stripped down to the core there is no difference. We are universally equal. There are no longer a chosen people. The messiah Jesus Christ already fulfilled that promise to the ancient Hebrew Semites. No technology, no amount of money, and no government can ever replace the truth in the divine third person of the one god, the Holy Ghost/Spirit. I’d bet my very life that is responsible for the sneezing at random times (those times can’t be predicted). All I know is God will always come first for me (and if any government ever wanted money back for debt that has been legally forgiven I’d never replace God with mammon).” There’s only once creator, one divine Trinitarian God, period.

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