WALKING THE DOG IN NORWAY: On Nov. 27th, a minor stream of solar wind brushed Earth’s magnetic field. In Tromsø, Norway, minor is often enough. “While out walking the dog, this amazing display appeared in the skies near my home,” reports aurora tour guide Marianne Bergli.

“Kara is a trained rescue dog, trained by my daughter Sara, and when Kara sees aurora and snow she is very very happy indeed,” says Bergli.

In that case, Tromsø is the perfect place for Kara. She’s living beneath Earth’s persistent auroral oval. A gentle rain of solar wind electrons, guided to Earth by our planet’s curved magnetic field creates a polar ring of Northern Lights that intersects the latitude of Tromsø. Even the gentlest stream of solar wind can spark a howling-good display. Aurora alerts: SMS Text.

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