1. First, I am upsetting when listening to this program, the man has no etiquette, manner, or social skill, not even a minimum of respecting to his guests. If he doesn’t want to call “father” as all Catholics do, at least address father Kramer by his last name “Dr. Kramer”… I am quite sure he know father Kramer has three doctorates degree.

    Secondly, he keeps defend the sins of homosexual/sodomy/pedophile and related-sins of the flesh, proved to all audience that this man has corrupted-mind and heart about morality, nor he has any respect to God, believes in God, and obey God’s commandments. The greatest sin against God Divine Law and Order is the sin of the homosexual/sodomy/pedophilia… Get that in to your little brain Richie. That is one of the only FOUR SINS that GOD SWEAR HE WILL DIRECTLY PUNISH THE SINNERS. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ABOUT SODOM AND GOMORRAH RICHIE?????

    Thirdly, the more you try to dumb-down the TRUTH and disrespect God’s disciples, the more you expose your stupidity and ignorance about God, His Law, His Teachings, the Catholic Faith and the Wrath of God that had warned.

    My advice to you: Just shut up, be respectful and be humble to learn the truth, you might gain some grace to change your life to save your soul. You know nothing, you have no answers or solutions of anything, all things come from God and only persons who have graces know how to invest to make “hundredfold, thousandfold gain” for God.

    From scale 0 to 10, 0 is worst and 10 is perfect, I gave you 0 today Richie. Learn to be “Catholic” next time, or at least try to be a man with “social network skill” if you remain secular.

  2. I, on the other hand (responding to Kim’s comment) thought Richie Allen asked the best questions he could to allow Father Kramer and Eric to respond and bring forth the Truth. If Richie had not have been an excellent host and asked questions that may have annoyed us Trad Catholics we would have never had the excellent responses given by our expert guests Father Kramer and Eric.

    The questions Richie asked to his guests gave me chills as they were the same exact questions I run across with my family and friends! Now that Father Kramer gave a perfect answer I finally have a tremendous response to give those people who cannot see.

    Many, many people in our world are under the illusion that by being a good and kind person its all that is expected to get along in this world and to ultimately get to heaven in the end. I think Father and Eric certainly kept their cool and were so professional. I know the audience had to come from the show with more information and hopefully something to think about! I could have never held my cool with those questions that Richie asked. Remember Richie was receiving questions from his listeners as the program went on. People in this world today are so confused and sucked into New Age thinking. What a beautiful opportunity for Father and Eric to instruct us in Truth, something they both are experts.

    Richie seemed to me to show respect to Father by repeatedly explaining that it wasn’t necessarily his opinion but he needed to ask certain questions anyway. His job is not to be a coward when there are very hard questions that need very hard answers. He is very popular around the world and wouldn’t have gotten that way if he didn’t push the envelope with his conversations with his famous guests. I am so proud to be a friend of Eric and a follower of Father Kramer. I look forward to the next podcast with Richie Allen, Father Kramer and Eric.

  3. I agree with Kathleen 100%. You couldn’t ask for a better radio host who is not a Christian. He is very respectful and polite. I think there may have be one time that he forgot to say Father in front of Paul and/or Kramer. He’s not Catholic so that doesn’t come naturally to him. This interview was evangelization at its best! As Kathleen pointed out, Richie asked questions that non-believers want to ask (but are too prideful to do so). The fact that he allows for this type of discussion on his show is HUGE!! This discussion demonstrated how true dialog should happen. Richie allows and even asks Fr Kramer and Eric to convince him that what they believe is true. It is rare to come across that type of receptiveness. If Eric and Fr Kramer beat him over the head with a Bible, I doubt Richie would have moved into his more recent openness to the existence of God.
    Great job! It helps to know what is going through the minds of unbelievers in these last days. It is the presence of overwhelming evil that has had Richie questioning and seeking Truth.

  4. I heard Richie say he was a lapsed Catholic; that’s a crying shame. But I still agree with Kim in that he (Richie) shouldn’t have been calling Father Kramer: “Paul.” In a way, his position might not be completely his fault, as I feel that lapsed Catholics usually get pretty hateful towards religion before they make their return to God, if they ever do at all. All that said, having an atheist interviewing Father and Eric might give a few different demographics a look at some perspectives which they might not have ever seen previously, and might also help remove some of the instant bias that is common even people hear that you’re a Catholic. For the most part though, I felt Richie was pretty fair (for an atheist) and he didn’t miss too many opportunities to give some props to Father’s and Eric’s respective credentials and websites.

    Btw, I’m not taking sides here, just trying to give the devil his due.
    St. Thomas the Apostle, Pray for us!

  5. I don’t think there are sides to take. This was a unique opportunity to get the Gospel to people who would not otherwise hear it. The interviewer’s etiquette matters not nor does it matter how it was received. Fr Kramer and Eric got the message out, seeds were planted now we pray the seeds grow. If the message is rejected we can’t be offended, just shake the dust off our feet and move on.

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