Isn’t it strange how the first few decades of adulthood, we are encouraged to get more hours, more money, nicer things, better surroundings, more fun, more acceptance from others?  Then, when we get into our 70’s, we notice how much we’ve lost as far as family, friends, abilities, money, fun, and options.
This all felt very sad and tragic to me for several years, and it seemed unfair.  However, when reading spiritual books I noticed how much they urged detachment from all of these things and from social acclaim and money and the constant searching for fun and amusement. One day it hit me that our Dear Lord was taking the various toys and crutches out of my hands since I hadn’t had the good sense or will to let them go of my own accord.  He wants me to spend much more time on my relationship with Him, and to rely on Him to fulfill my very deepest needs, and some of the lesser ones, too.
Society pushes selfishness at us from early on, and never lets up.  It is a drum beating along with my heart, inciting me to be like “the others”.  As I grow more close to Our Lord and Mary, and pray and receive the Sacraments more often, I find myself wanting to pull away from the “normies”  The narrow path is calling to me, with all of its thorns and trials,because it leads to the One Whom I seek.  The broad path leads to Hell, and God has yanked me away, rather brutally actually, to save me from the values of this current world.
Finding was no accident.  Many of my questions and concerns are being answered every day in this great group.  I am so glad to find traditional Catholics who truly believe in the things Jesus taught to His church.  So many Catholics are confused and lost, and I encourage each of you to step up your game to promote   Many souls are being damned to Hell every day, and here is an opportunity to share the light of truth.
God bless Eric Gajewski!
Judy Velbeck


  1. Amen sister! You are telling th story of my life. Thank you for your honesty and courage.
    Press on on your “unnormal” journey!

  2. Thank you for your commentary. I too am an older retiree, lost one, then two Catholic husbands by the age of 61, problems in my family. Our Lady brought me back to Tradition, which, by the grace of Our Lord, I had experienced when I was young before V2. Crosses are to be expected, but consecration to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate hearts brings a spiritual joy! God bless Eric and all of his followers. Viva Cristo Rey!

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