Catholic “Bashing”: An “art form” of Modern man

By: Eric Gajewski

We “traditionalists” sure do have a lot to suffer don’t we? It seems Catholic “bashing” has become an “art form” to be perfected by modern man.


Take a look at the recent examples provided by Philippines President Duterte.  Further, consider we must go out into a world which is now dominated by the Novus ordo religion (Vatican II) and denominational Protestantism. It seems everywhere we turn we cannot find like-minded faithful Catholics. This is a punishment for God as I have said due to our laxity and tepidity towards the Truth. We can’t seem to escape heresy and this is exactly what the pre-Vatican II mystics warned us of. But who cares, right? I will have some fun today and roll the dice as to what will happen in the future. You sadly see this disposition amongst “traditionalists” today.

In addition, the heretical trolls are especially abundant on social media and can be found making comments which have no historical accuracy so what can we do? We have to do our best to stick together as we are about to go “underground” and this can be extremely difficult given how many topics within Catholicism that we now debate over. So many opinions…Who is Pope? Where is the Church? Is Vatican II not really that bad? Is the New Mass acceptable to go to and so on and so forth. It can truly lead one into despair however I encourage you all to break away as much as you can and spend this time more so in prayer with Our Lady and Lord rather searching for every answer to your question first. The answers will come in Gods time so we must keep “plugging away” within. Amidst the conciliarists (who are dragging us into further darkness) we ought be resolute in understanding that the Holy Ghost will enlighten if we seek. But do you seek at all? There are many who think we are being heavily persecuted right now but as they say “you ain’t seen nothing yet!” We think we suffer, but in light of the examples given, by the stars of the night, our Saints, we see that we are truly not suffering at all (at least not yet).

Trolling heretics. Over my past several appearances in the media the anti-Catholic hatred is very evident. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to appear on various alternative media outlets who are open to “hearing us out” but this does not stop the trolls from their onslaught of hatred and heresy. The comments below some of these videos indicates that age old heresies have remained in this modern world but what is even more alarming is how some protestants want us gone altogether form the world. I suppose we could argue this should not surprise us. They in their blindness contribute to the persecution. They say they are persecuted but they are not because they are not in the true fold of Christ. Yet, there are others, who will try to form some sort of ecumenical alliance with me/Catholics, in this endgame war, however, this is not going to happen. It is Catholic or its nothing. Catholics cannot stand side by side with heretics who are every bit apart of the problem as those they say are persecuting them. Some of these comments beneath my videos are just outright demonic.

Bash Catholics Okay?…. expose Jews and you are a hating anti-semite!  You should be noticing this trend of how it is okay to bash Catholics but the minute you “speak up” to expose the Jews and Zionists you are automatically some sort of hating anti-Semite who ought be removed society. The reality is….it should be the other way around. God will intervene in the situation as we know. Most are not going to get through this Great Storm approaching including the majority who profess to be Christian. This one fact (cant expose the jews) helps us to understand who truly controls society, the politicians, the media and the economy. Ironically, we now are the Hebrews seeking to escape the Zionist Pharaoh (Antichrist) to come. Oh and we will be delivered! I have said this often to my family members but I thoroughly await the day when the table is cleared (godless removed from the world) so that we can start all over again. Yet we must pray actively/daily for conversions. Furthermore, it is in this complete breakdown of society that we can ultimately restore our souls. For when everything is collapsing (around us) man has this opportunity to once again repent and return to Christ and the Church. Heretics make fun of Our Lady and Catholics NOW but just wait till everything starts falling apart as their own silly narratives simultaneously do.

Persecution from the world.  We truly have not seen anything yet. So what…that you have to deal with some anti catholic trolls now. We ought stay focused on salvation for what will be awaiting these heretics is something beyond our comprehension. Christ says to pray for them. Suffer for them and continually to speak the Catholic Faith with a smile. If you get all flustered now what will you do when it comes down to potentially having to have to shed blood for Christ? Will you complain then? We have examples to show the trend of an emerging anti-Christian society. Bibles are currently being removed from business and hotels. Coaches are being told not to pray with their sports teams. These are all early indicators that we are moving out of a Christian society into a “new society” headed by a “new Christ”. The time is ripe for Antichrist Maitreya’s arrival. The Great Tribulation will be the worst period of human suffering ever known thus the time to prepare your heart is now ahead of the Great Storm. We can use these afflictions and sufferings for our sanctification thus do you use them as opportunities or do you complain that they are intrusive?

Persecution from the hierarchy.  This speaks to our endtimes. This revolt of Vatican II has caused so much confusion for those who truly want to be Catholic. We turn to our leaders and we cannot trust them in their judgements due to their false faith. They profess man (however they might not know it) in Vatican II and we Catholics profess Christ. They hide behind religious liberty and the social justice madness of our hour and we promote the Social Kingship of Christ and only seek salvation. They want dialogue with the world we want conversion. We are two different things. What can you do when you know you cannot be communing with those in the Novus ordo? It is certainly not a time to panic nor become a protestant yourself however this crisis only proves everything Scripture, Tradition and what Our Lady has been warning us of. REAL Catholics are being persecuted by the hierarchy and they are “feeling” alienated and yet they are truly not. Cling to Our Lady and the Rosary and you will truly find solace and peace in these times. She is the Queen of Peace and the Ark by which we shall hide in order to move through the coming Tribulation. Poor protestants…outside the Ark and have no cover. Poor prelates who will largely be killed themselves. Therefore, in the end, we must ask, will all the catholic bashing (largely)come to an end? NO & YES! No, because the world will always stand against us and yes because Gods enemies will soon be eradicated in the great chastisements. Nevertheless, we must suffer with Christ to reign with Christ. God gets the last say as He will in the end bash His enemies into pieces…

Fr. Martin: Chastisements Coming: No Where To Hide  


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