Italians Prepare for Revolution

Due to the situation with coronavirus in Italy, economic problems are intensified. This was stated by the Italian version of the Huffington Post.


Increasing numbers of distressed Italians are faced by worsening financial problems due to quarantine; now many of them are running out of money. In particular, we are talking about those who have a job, but they were left without help from the Salary Payment Guarantee Fund. This also applies to those who have lost their jobs and are forced to work illegally in order to somehow make ends meet.

‘We don’t have a single euro left, we won’t last another week,’ said a resident of Palermo who asked Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte for immediate answers, otherwise ‘the revolution will begin’.

Interlocutors of the publication also talked about food shortages. Many visitors to supermarkets fill their grocery carts, and then try to leave without paying for the goods. Desperate times make desperate people.

Mass protests have not yet broken out, but more and more in different cities in Italy; supermarkets are forced to resort to police assistance in order to take away unpaid products from people.

Similar scenarios are expected in Spain and elsewhere in Europe affected by the effects of media hysteria and government hype. The UK, France and Germany are likely to be particularly vulnerable due to their acting as hosts to massive numbers of marginalised migrants.  Like this story? Share it with others.

Video A Masonic cartoon created in 2013 that predicts today’s events.


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