Breaking News: Need Your Feedback

By:  Eric Gajewski


This article will be posted free up on  In times past I have flirted with the idea of actually hosting a Conference under the banner of TradCatKnight.

It was going to take place in the Ohio Valley and I had virtually all the top Catholic names give their ok in regards to making an appearance.  Well, here we are over a year later and due to Covid-19 it is now very difficult to travel and in the not so distant future an impossibility as a Christian to do so.  That is if you don’t take the Molotov cocktail vaccine the new world order will dispense out to the public with a smile.  Over the past week or so I have been doing research in regards to hosting a Web-conference wherein I can break down per category (I cover it all while other Catholic websites do not) and invite the top names from around the world into joining me for a 3 or 4 hour lecture than interaction via the chat room.  I have sent out an initial email to the Catholic guests I normally have on and so far everyone is on board.  They would run like any other Catholic Conference you may have been to but only online now.

The event would be pay per view and probably would be 5 dollars.  Something to help cover cost of the program itself which is very expensive but then also to help donate to the efforts of those joining me for the program.  There are a lot of options to explore with the software I am looking to purchase it should be much more than just listening to a presentation.  There will be live chat.  I will host and moderate the event and also talk on a particular subject.  In a “lockdown world” it would certainly be something to look forward to.  I plan on doing several a month.  First and Third Saturday every month on Saturday between 2 and 4pm eastern.  There is a replay option to view the event after the fact as it was recorded (pay per view still).  I would probably bring on 2 or 3 guests per web-conference.  I am truly very excited about this opportunity.  You would have to sign up before the event as there is “limited virtual seating” or capacity for the talk.  Payments can be made by debit/credit card as well as Paypal. You will receive reminders before hand as well.


In an hour when a lot of writers are being censored this gives us another opportunity to speak freely and help to give various guests another way of supporting themselves and their families while the listening audience learns and interacts.  I believe it is a WIN-WIN.  With the Church nearly full blown underground it will help Catholics to network and feel apart of something.


By the way for those who haven’t signed up to yet WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  There is no other Catholic website truly like it!  There is a ton of information daily with my own articles, podcasts, special guest podcasts and general information.  I cover the topics that the quasi-traditionalists cringe over.  TradCatKnight has been long ahead of the curve.  I have been virtually a lone voice in regards to the soon coming of antichrist which now (thanks to Bill Gates) is not as crazy as it sounded five plus years ago when I was saying the same thing.  I was the first public Catholic to tell you Benedict XVI was and still is the true Pope.

The major social media platforms will crash and burn due to censorship therefore the time is now to transition over to  As a member you will have access to Resource pages, one of which, is the 3 days of darkness page.  For verified TradCatKnight members there is an option to get the most extensive 3 days of darkness kit available.  You have the ability to write comments, your own articles and even join me for a podcast (something no other notable traddie outlet does).  It should feel like a community or a place of refuge.  So don’t be bent about the paywall.  Don’t go all Socialist on me or become Ebenezer Scrooge.  This is how it will be in the future as Censorship grows.  People will have to pay for information which was once free.  We all have to work, right?


I need your feedback in regards overall to the Web-Conference program as well as get your input for pairings?  For example, I was thinking of a Fr. Kramer, Bernard Janzen and Paul Stark program?  To cover the new world order I could put together James Perloff, David Icke and Charlie Robinson.  And so on and so forth.  I am looking to potentially start next month.  There will be an accessible (FREE) WEBCONFERENCE page maintained on TradCatKnight indicating when the next webconference will be.  I will ask my guests to post and promote it as well!  I am hoping that you all will get behind this.

Please email your feedback at


3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Need Your Feedback

  1. In my opinion Fr . Malichi Martin was spot on what was going to happen
    His Timeline was a little off but that Man Fr. Malichi Martin with such insights and witnessed. at first hand the unfolding of the apostacy and the evils of Vatican 2 council.
    Fr. Hesse laid down the ground work in his. Old videos and talks. In a lawfull Matter
    Archbishop Lefebvre we hope will be Cananized with the Ushering in the Triumph of The Immaculate Heart.
    Benard Jansen was so blessed to Inter view Fr. Malichi Martin….and to me it woke me up!
    I know not everyone has the time to research everything all at once but I did have this time to see what the True Church was……I sometimes wonder if I was even Catholic. . We were decieved.
    I Applaud Eric Gejewsky and the Apostolate

  2. Eric, Having this Webinar is important in advance to what is coming. In my opinion here are critical topics for the faithful who are awakened, who are awakinging. Likely very few at this time of the un-awakened would participate.

    In tribulations without access to a Traditional Priest and Sacraments. What does the Church teach. [Fr. Voigt, Fr. Perez]

    Fatima secret unvailed, Pope Benedict’s role, the Bishop in White, the venue of deceptions to be on guard (initiation marks of the order of the Antichrist, vaccines, digital currency, police state) [Fr. Kramer, Dr. Chojnowski, Bernard Jansen]

    The cloud of witnesses helping the faithful through the tribulations: the prophecies of the Saints for these times, prophesies to help the faithful watch and pray, intercessions of these Saints by the faithful

    Preparing for the 3-days of darkness. What are the key signs leading up to key events towards 3-days of Darkness: What is the timeline and signs for the faithful. Prepping for the coming days of great isolation.

    Words of wisdom, grace, encouragement from the remnant priests (great if one or more bishops would join).

    Commend the event to a feast day of Our King, Our Lady, St. Michael, St. Joseph, and more.

    Vivat Christus Rex, Ave Maria!

  3. This sounds like a terrific idea, especially as my initial concern that it might be a little dangerous to have that many Catholic VIPs in the same geographic location won’t be a factor. Fun fact: the SSPX bishops aren’t allowed to be all on the same airplane together. You get my meaning. However, the virtual nature of a webinar makes this enterprise much safer.

    As long as the cost doesn’t run to high, or other unforeseen problems don’t crop up, this ought to be the best Catholic event of the new decade. Let’s do it and may Our Lord and Lady smile on our efforts!

    Our Lady of the good event of the Purification, Pray for us!
    Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us!

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