Children of the Quarn

By:  Eric Gajewski


Sadly, I grew up watching many horror movies to which we know the demons use to interject fear into the hearts of men, women and even children everywhere.  I have discussed in times past how Vatican II was a really bad B rated horror movie with terrible actors and a terrible yet easy to predict plot.  We now have moved onto the stage I am afraid wherein things get very bloody.

We move on into that part of the horror movie script where there is mass killings.  The new world order has every intention of reducing the world’s population and perhaps the fastest way to do this is through a bioweapon pandemic.  We should all know that but have we stopped to consider today the attack on life and pro-creation?  I mean think about it.  They have been putting poisons in our food, water and air to not only kill us but to cause infertility.  One of the major reasons why you ought not take the vaccine is because it will cause you become infertile.


Folks, we have officially shifted from a society to which really didn’t want kids at all and those who did have kids probably “accidentally” did…..but now we are on to weird sci-fi lab grown kids.  One of the chief reasons God had to send the Flood was to eradicate the old school eugenics program of the devil.  So this modern day second run at it has precedence.  They are creating chimeras in labs as we speak.  Some of the more scarier horror films I recall from my earlier years involved sort of mutated families and kids who were living off in the hills of West Virginia eating people as cannibals or what not.  And as crazy as that plot sounds I have no reservation in saying that does exist today especially given some stories one of my brother’s tells in his travel on the midwestern hill sides.

But, in any case, the new world order not only doesn’t want a lot of children (one child policy seems to be inevitable worldwide). And they will probably use the excuse the world is just too terrible to raise kids in.  I have seen that propaganda in a recent Netflix movie “What Happened To Monday?”.  But the kids that humanity will be granted are going to be remembered as Children of the Quarn.  Those having kids post Corona in general are going to be tempted with creating some sort of super child.  I have discussed how the Mark of the Beast will tempt all those with use of reason into becoming “super-beings” but what about kids?


More predictive programming on Corona and Vaccines



I saw an insane sci-fi OUTER LIMITS episode last month showing this temptation for parents to have their kids become “super-children” like everyone else.  In my humble opinion it was more vaccine propaganda.  The woman who wanted a super child like everyone else in her community got a vaccine from some shady doctor and the kid turned out to be a mutant.  I cant recall what syndrome they said it was but it reminded me today to touch upon this point when I knew I was going to speak on the subject.  My friends, I have a tough time going into public now.  Just yesterday I saw an 85 year old grandma with like a rainbow colored mohawk (or whatever it was, LOL) with a nose ring.  You see women dressing like men and vice versa.  I feel like this when I go into public spaces:

Do any of the elect, us eagles, think we are headed back unto normal before the defeat of Antichrist during the 3 days of darkness?  God will send various chastisements including Divine Fire from the skies to purge the world of this “man playing God” routine of those who reject the true Gospel.  For now we have to do our best to stay connected and prepare.  Trump is not taking down the Deep State and we are still on course for the antichrist’s arrival over the next few years.

The stage is set.  We are already living in a sci-fi movie which is about to shift gears and become one of the bloodiest horror movies ever.  Out of Chaos comes order.  The Luciferians are trying to build up the negative or dark energy in the world so that men will kill each other as Catholic prophecy says as the demons “get their fill”.  And amidst all of this we eagles stand with a smile with our wings spread.  We have been ridiculed, mocked and cast aside but God wants it this way.  We will emerge from seemingly nowhere.  The kids today are not being made in love but rather through self-love.  They are being engineered just like any other area that the new world order wants to control.

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3 thoughts on “Children of the Quarn

  1. Hi Folks.
    I don’t believe the crooked Authoritys will release a real deadly virus.
    As they don’t want a virus they can’t control.
    The beauty of the covid Hoax is….
    It’s controller’s can play it out indefinitely.
    Just recently it has been revealed that all those who take the current toxic covid vaccines.
    Will be in Real grave danger the first time they are exposed to the flu.
    As their bodies immune system that has been genetically messed with.
    Will confuse the bodies own tissue and organs for the flu it’s attempting to eradicate.
    In other words attack their bodies.
    And of course when large numbers start dying as a result of this.
    The controller’s will merely label it as yet another supposed strain of Covid.
    It’s brilliant on the enemies part.
    But evil.
    This information can be found on Bitchute. We must monitor the enemy closely.
    As they are doing a very clever job of distracting us, leading us down multiple rabbit holes.
    Current reports suggest natzi are now responsible, a war in space and so much garbage.
    We must remember that covid is only a meer magic tool.
    Ridding the world of God and destroying 90% of humanity to bring about the anti Christ, Eric speaks off, and their one world government Religion is the plan.
    While keeping the majority of humanity under their spell..

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