The Seed, Flower & Concrete

By: Eric Gajewski (From the work, “Fortress of the Soul”)


O’ Plant Thy Seed of Divinity within me never more to long for anything. For I need this Seed in order to become Thy flower. I need Thy Light and Water to help me grow. But here I am way below hiddenst away from men’s eyes. Away from the world buried deep in the dirt. I see only cracks up above in the concrete for in the beginning of this path to perfection it is hard to see. These little cracks in the dense “hardness of self” up above provide just enough Light and Water for my soul to carry onward. Upward is my goal hidden away. It is only by Thy design which dictates just how much Light and Water my soul shall acquire and with each generous offering my heart longs for more. It longs for more of Thee and to be in Thy Presence always up there on the surface under the direct Light from the Son and under the Cloud by Day which offers me Thy Water. I must through thy grace heroically ascend and push through this dirt which keeps the majority of souls away from Thee. O’ how few ever arrive up on the surface of the street wherest Thou art. I must push through via thy grace against the weight of nature in anguish but trusting in Thee always. For every Seed has the potential of becoming a Flower strong enough to embrace the direct Light and Water up on the surface but too many are afraid of advancing. The hard concrete of self keeps only few cracks in these weak souls and yet they prefer the dirt instead of being in Thy Direct Presence.

“ Love’s Street”

O’ tiny Seed

Wouldst thou seek to be complete?

For in this path to perfection

Against thee, the self shalst compete

In this upward path there is much struggle and toil

Pushing onward throughst nature’s soil

On your way to the new you up above

In this fight of the soul there is much need of Light

A path only for the heroic and not the weak

For in thy way stands the dirt of nature

And also the hardness of self seen in the concrete

For the self must crack in this harsh night below

Growing in grace illuminated over time

Until Thy Light is the only thing this Flower beholds

Yea, the tide of tribulation has now rescinded

Two hearts become One and on the surface meet

Gazing and resting I am now

On top and in control of this self and on Love’s street

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