Is It Wrong To Long For The Collapse?

By:  Eric Gajewski


Over the years I have bene identified by some (clueless types) as a fear-mongerer for simply relaying the news from a proper Zio/Commie free Catholic perspective.  So be it.  Noah went through the same as others have so this is nothing new.  I was recently asked by a guest of mine in regards to thinking positive for the times and can this have a positive effect on those around me but on a much grander scale society as a whole.  The answer to this question from a Catholic perspective does not involve any of the latest self-help books and motivational speaker conferences but it involves Faith.

I have explained those who think that they will transcend this Storm coming by way of just maintaining their mental health will not make it.  Only an Eagle will get through this Storm.

Some have said well it seems as though you want everything to collapse and the answer is Yes because this is what God wants.  We have been given Heaven’s peace plan and how a society ought be constructed and this modern world is anything but what modern man has constructed with its new tower of babel.  So yes I do want the Conciliar Church and all other churches to collapse.  Yes I do want the system here in America to collapse because ultimately we are aiming at a Catholic society and a Catholic Church which can once again operate freely in the mainstream as it can not right now.

There are far too many false Katholics still clinging to this Masonic Republic not wanting this collapse because they are afraid of the tyranny to come.  That is on them not me.  That is their fault that they have not rooted out self-love enough to care about their own life. God can and will accomplish a lot with the coming collapse.  He can rid the world of His enemies and at the same time purify His own.  We eagles will watch as the modern day tower of babel will be reduced to ashes with Rome being destroyed and America as well.  God will use Russia as a means to an end before their ultimate conversion.

I often wondered what was going through Noah’s mind as the rain began to fall and he watched those unprepared running for the hills in a panic.  Did he feel sorry for those people?  What was his face like as those who thought he was a nutjob scratched at the sides of the Ark?  Similarly, what will it be like when so many die so quickly in our times?  They cant say they weren’t warned for God always warns before He strikes.  We all have decisions to make in regards to our actions now but also for the future.  I pray that God’s Will be done and in order for us to get to the rainbow we first have to go through the Storm.  There was one pseudo traditionalist who messaged me some time ago and said “be careful what you wish for…” in regards to this collapse and I responded by telling him how full of self-love he was.

God chose holy suffering as the path for His Son and for the Church and so shall it be in our times.  Suffering which will either help to mold and transform a soul or a suffering without Christ which will cause many to commit suicide.  God Himself said that if He didn’t shorten the days NO ONE would survive.  I do wish the Cross and wish this country were Catholic and there is only ONE path to take us from Luciferian democracy to Catholic monarchy here.  The Cross is the only solution for a world deluded in self love.  The majority will choose the Antichrist while we Eagles will continue on in holy suffering preparing ourselves for the Day of Restoration.



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4 thoughts on “Is It Wrong To Long For The Collapse?

  1. When the collapse comes that you describe I think it will be very fast, like September 11. One minute normal, the next……..It won’t be just one thing it will be multiples at once, plague, war, earthquake, earth changes, flooding, three days of darkness. I think the late 2020s will be the earliest for a mega event.

  2. We have been longing for Jesus Christ’s return since his ascension into heaven. We have already been warned by Jesus what would take place before his arrival. Just as a woman who is about to give birth longs for the day of there child’s birth also knows of the pains she will suffer in there delivery. It is the joy that is received afterward that we long for. Eternity with God in heaven

  3. good thoughts…….for some reason I totally understand where you are coming from……so sick of living in a world where nothing is truly Catholic ….society …..people…..I hate heresy….and alot of other things……I want God to rule in society….

  4. This is absolutely spot on. Everything will be destroyed leaving a remnant few to rebuild. There’s just no other way. The evil has to be annihilated. Justice must be delivered. It pains me to think how angry and sad God must be with us. I long for the storm even though I probably won’t see the other side of it. My children will though. Thy will be done!

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