Most Do the Minimum

By:  Eric Gajewski

According the common opinion of the esteemed theologians of the true and only Church most will not die in a state of grace.  In fact, there are some mystics and saints, who have alluded to, the notion, that, if we were, to truly know, how few actually die in God’s grace, we might die of fright.

Catholics, of course, do not want to go to hell but why do the majority end there if we take what the Saints and Popes have had to say seriously?

Are we trying to strive for perfection as eagles or are we just looking to get by?

Are we just doing what we must or are we truly loving and trying to go above and beyond what is expected?

If most die in a state of mortal sin why do most Catholics not stay more on guard against it?

Now, on top of everything I have said, we, also know, that, the majority of Catholics are not dying and going right to heaven.  Most will die with numerous venial sins which will have to take some time for purging.  If we are striving for perfection at least we have a greater potentiality of going straight to heaven but that is just it.  Most aren’t interested in striving for perfection most are striving to do the bare minimum never taking into consideration the Heart of Jesus.

In the end we are measured and judged by Charity.  If all our actions are not aimed at pleasing Him then what chance do any of us have in trying to see Him face to face upon life’s last breath here?

Human beings tend to be over prepared for some of life’s events whether it is vacations or getting married or going out to the club to impress but why are we so under prepared as it relates to our salvation?

The answer is obvious.  It is because of our self-love.

It is because we still cling to how we would like our lives to go rather than how God wants our lives to go.

It is human nature to want to avoid suffering but it is grace which causes us to choose the path of most resistance.  In the upcoming Tribulation it will be all the more evident.

God will shut down roads normally traveled in your life so that He can show you He is leading and not vice versa.

We may be able to pass the “toll boot”h in this life by dropping the required quarter into the booth but in order to see His Face at the end of this life we are going to have to FULLY capitalize on all the opportunities giving to us to show love and grow in holiness.

We are going to have to start today and use every second wisely if we are to have the hopes of seeing Him face to face without visiting the purifying fires of Purgatory.

Start journaling today and reviewing your day to see those missed opportunities.  Be committed to silence and solitude time which is required for any eagle.  Make prayer the priority and you will begin to be a “greater asset” for God for He needs whole control of your hearts in order to consistently use you.

I ask you all that you continue to pray for me as I will for you.

Let us strive for the blue skies my fellow eagles and let us rise above “doing the bare minimum” because Love would command us to do so.

I want to hear from you all! What do you think? Comment below….

4 thoughts on “Most Do the Minimum

  1. This article really touched my heart, especially with my own self centered behavior. My biggest issue is when I come across homeless people who need/want Money. I tend to driveaway but once in a Blue Moon I will give a couple bucks. 🙁 (Things Need To Change ASAP)

  2. We all need to meditate on this more often: “It is because we still cling to how we would like our lives to go rather than how God wants our lives to go”. Thanks so much for writing this. This thought presents itself to me often. Sometimes, I consider it and sometimes I don’t. It’s very important that we do all things for the love of God and not for ourselves. May God to continue to bless you, Eric, and all those who are striving for Heaven!

  3. Handing the reins to God in our daily lives and praying “Thy will be done” from the heart isn’t always easy. We have to remember that St. Therese of Liseux said that although she expected nothing from her own weakness, through God’s grace she expected to be a great Saint. “I want to do the least I possibly can for God” is not a quote you’ll find from any Catholic Saint, but rather one from our own slothfulness. Pray daily for the grace to recognize and act upon the opportunities God provides for us to grow in Faith, Hope and Charity.

    Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us!
    Pope St. Celestine V, last Pope to validly resign, Pray for us! 😀
    St. Pudentiana, Pray for us!

  4. Striving for perfection daily is not easy. Thank you for this reminder. I got my journal out. Writing my heart out to Jesus and Mary and more contemplation. Such a blessing to have the early Church Fathers, Prophets and Saints as an example for us.
    Jesus, I love You, save souls.

    May Our Lady keep you strong, Eric.
    Keeping you in our prayers.

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