1. The Brown Scapular and the Green Scapular along with Marie Julie’s purple scapular have been recommended by a priest to me a few years before he died. Debates on Pope Leo XIII locution continue on a variety of Catholic Circles. I was impressed with a post on social media that their takeaway on the 100 years of Satan’s power to “destroy the Church” can be linked to the Book of Job. Satan kept on asking God for more tests, torments, temptations against Job in order that Job would blaspheme God lose faith in God. Likewise, Satan could very well have asked God (the target year 1984 which the 100 years time was up) to get more time to transform the Church into the One World Religion that would be based steeply in Gnosticism and the New Age movement spirituality. Thus, “Destroying the Church” phrase describes getting rid of the Traditional Latin Mass and replacing it with an Apostate (New Age Neo-Pagan) Mass. A new debate will emerge about the birth pangs versus the end times. Is it really the end or many will witness a pseudo birth pangs/end times? Or perhaps a pseudo Anti-Christ? The Bible is clear there will be many Anti-Christs. Putting it into another perspective, citation from the previously mentioned social media post, it could be said Naploen was an archetype of the Anti-Christ before him going back to antiquity Nero was an archetype of the Anti-Christ, jumping to the 20th Century Hitler was an archetype of the Anti-Christ a charismatic ruthless leader who wanted his rule and his regime to be the only one globally. All such leaders weren’t the Anti-Christ as we know and all were pre-figures of what could it be like under a Eugenic type of totalitarian regime. Through the changes of politics, the advice of Anthony J West in a podcast dating back to last year “avoid distractions” keep your eyes on the prize, online Adoration if there are no churches around you that are open. Over 500 faithful people in Australia are dropping by You Tube to pray to Jesus (some will raise a point of contention that it’s not like being there…but your Guardian Angel could very well bring the graces from there to you if it be God’s Holy Will and mercy) and so just as it was mentioned in this podcast keep up with your sacramental life. Do not forget the Japanese Catholics who kept the Blessed Mother in a Buddha Statue or hidden a cupboard during the centuries of persecutions they endured. There will be three classes of people in the immediate future, the vaccinated includes booster shots, those who decide they’d rather opt out of the booster program, and the un-vaxxed. Pray the Rosary that’s what Our Lady wants us to do, do it with love and hope she is our Mother, she listens to our petitions and also remember to get for your house the artwork of the Two Holy Hearts the Immaculate Heart of Mary and The Sacred Heart of Jesus. A few people on social media have suggested that to find this artwork of the Two Holy Hearts.

    We are definitely in an intense time of spiritual warfare. The spirit cooking of Marina Abramovic became a hashtag trend. Someone gave Henry Makow a picture of her with Lord Jacob Rothschild about a year ago standing in front of artwork depicting Satan summoning his legion of demons, and he posted it on social media. A video blogger before he got booted off you tube captured on video a group of Satan Temple groupies saying spells and curses upon the USA which I recall was before Event 201 in October 2019. SGT Report, I’m not sure if that founder still has his alternative media up and running, but before he got canned too, he got out to social media a photo or video that a Satan group marched with Antifa. Where the vultures gather, the eagles soar above the fray. We know what’s going on, so pray all the more and be ever mindful of the Fatima messages make sacrifices for the poor sinners for their conversions, the Rosary was given to Saint Dominic for his era and for our era too. The means to punch the devil in the face.

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