By: Eric Gajewski


Thank you for your continued prayers and kind emails.  This has definitely been the worst two month “storm” of my syndrome that I have gone through in nearly a decade if not longer but Gods Will be done!


I am trying to do as many podcasts as I can given my health.  Yesterday was struck suddenly with violent tremors all throughout my body and a tight squeeze over my heart which caused pretty scary shortness of breath for a few hours but I got better as the day went on.  Who knows what today will bring.


Are you all excited for the upcoming Fortress of Faith Webconference?  This is definitely on paper going to be the best yet Catholic webconference I have held.  It will be probably 3-4 long.  The first 250 registrants will be able to chat live with me and the guest BUT EVERYONE who is a paid member will be able to watch live and as far as I know be able to have access to a replay.  I still have to figure out this new program.


Blessed Advent to you all! Keep your eyes on the prize (JESUS).  I am now not expecting the Antichrist star this December.  I think too much still has to pass so it now seems economic collapse and war and Antichrist star is probably next year definitely not this year.


Brittney Griner is the latest leftist to be propped up as a hero by our godless government and media.  There are tshirts and other items being sold in her supposed honor.  Its crazy truly.  Another godless George Floyd.


Putin just gave the world another warning.  I don’t know about you but Im kind of like just do it already!!!  Shut up and just do it.  Tired of the warnings.  Its like a dad who keeps telling their daughter who is misbehaving im going to take your phone away like a million times and never does it.  We need that ass kicking already


Im still finding Catholics who no longer believe there are real sicknesses.  I mean before Covid did these people actually not believe in sicknesses?  Every last thing blamed on vaccines.  I don’t buy it.  Could it be shedding?  Possibly but there are still organic viruses out there!  My sister just got deathly sick with some kind of cold/flu and still isn’t well and she wasn’t vaccinated and stays home ALL DAY and doesn’t hardly go out.


We really need extra help with the funding of the live radio shows and webconferences if I am going to be able to do this consistently.  Please help I cant rely on the same 6 people my friends!

Tomorrows possible radio show is 60 percent funded and we have till 8pm tonight to try and seal the deal


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