As I have been mentioning here on podcasts I have recently run out of memory on the website here to store any back years podcasts therefore I moved them to the 5$ Substack page and I have been re-uploading them…

I now have the issue of not having enough space regularly when I tape shows on Streamyard.  I was told at the rate of shows I was doing a month I would need to collect 5k for a Streamyard business account.

I am willing to do as many shows as I have been doing if we can get this funded over the next month or two.  I think I can get by one more month if not a little more.  If I cannot it means I will be cutting back on the amount of shows daily to no more than two. I am willing to put my own money into the endeavor if we get close to making this happen over the next month.  If we can get to about 4k Id be willing to do the rest.  I simply dont have 5,000 to keep doing the rate of shows I have been doing for years.  If not then there will be not as many shows.

Again, we have about 4-6 weeks to make this goal in my estimation. If you can help toward this effort please donate and state on your donation “for 2023 storage fundraiser”.  I appreciate your consideration and I will be updating you in regards to where we stand with TradCatKnight programming, Ave Maria

Please donate via GIVESENDGO or PAYPAL…


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