Folks, as operating expenses continue to rise in order for me to keep things status quo I need support.  There is no other Catholic or person in alternative media even coming close to the amount of content/guest shows I am doing on a regular basis.  I have promised I would not raise the price point however if financial needs are not met the daily programming will be reduced moving forward.  I appreciate all those who regularly help but we will need others to help too.  Dont forget I have the 3 days of darkness movie, the sponsorship program, the consultation program too.

As an example you can see how more than fair the pricing is here at TradCatKnight

Crusade Channel: crusadechannel.com/subscription-plans/

Crusade channel raised 4515 dollars donation wise for October and we didnt get to even 50 percent of that for October.  Im not complaining but pointing to how TradCatKnight program will be affected in the future without your support


Please help to ensure TCK full time programming with your financial support today, Ave Maria!