TradCatKnight Radio on MP3


NOVEMBER 10, “Showdown: Archbishop Lefebvre vs Cardinal Burke

November 3, “Practical Guide For Enduring the Apocalypse”

October 27, Pope Benedict XVI, The Church Is Going Underground”

October 20, Pope St. Pius X: The Enemy Within”

October 12, “Fatima: What Will We See October 13?

October 6, 2017 “Current State of the Catholic Church”

September 5, 2017 ” Francis Is An Infidel”

August 23,  “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

August 7, Endtimes Attack On Fatima

July 3rd, New World Order IS the New Egypt

June 26, Diocese of Pittsburgh Celebrating The Reformation

June 15, Heirs of the Triumph: Faith Preserved Through Mary

June 5, “St. Ephrem on the Antichrist”

May 30, “The Queenship of Mary”

May 20, “Archbishop Lefebvre: The Antichrist Approaches”

May 13, ” 100th Year Anniversary of Fatima”

April 28, “The Liberalism of Rome”

April 21, More Francis “Resignation” Talk & False Flag Warnings

April 14, “WW3 Watch & New BXVI Bombshell”

April 2, TradCatKnight Radio April 2, 2017

March 19, St. Francis Endtime Prophecy “Unless Those Days Be Shortened”

March 15, Antipope Francis, The great Fallen Star

March 7, Royal Road of the Cross: Advantages of Tribulations

February 24, Joe Meyer “Are We headed Toward Recession?

February 23, F. William Engdahl “Trump Is A Project”

February 22, Ole Dammegard “Assassinations, Fake News & False Flags”

February 21, St. Bosco “Hell, The Two Pillars & Effeminate Rome”

February 20, Our Lady of MarienFried: Lucifer’s Time Is Short”

February 15, Michael DePinto “Trump HateMail & Obama’s 30K Army”

February 13, Mark Dankof “NWO Universal Jewish Conspiracy

February 10, V the Guerilla Economist “Stock Market & Sore Loser Soros”

February 9th, Bl. Emmerick’s Endtime Revelations (Formal Schism of Rome)

February 8th, Fig Tree Bloomed? The 1948 Deception

February 6, Charles Coulombe “Confessions of a GladTrad”

February 3, David Meade “Planet X Confirmed”

February 2, Jonathon Van Maren “Prevailing Porn Pandemic”

February 1, Anthony Patch “CERN Coalescence & Coming Out Of The Occult”

January 31, Dahboo7 “The World Is Staged”

January 30, Stigmatist Ruffini & Consecration Of Russia Done Late”

January 27, Jim Vieira/Hugh Newman “Giants in North America”

January 26, Louie Verricchio “Antipope Francis: A Blessing In Disguise?”

January 25, Julia Holcomb “Abortion Coercion: Steve Tyler’s Ex-GF Speaks”

January24, James Perloff “Rothschild Israel Narrative & Zionist Endtime Deception”

January 23, Cornelia Ferreira “Feminism: Communist Weapon Against the Family”

January 19, William Ramsey “Occult Investigations: Crowley & Children of the Beast”

January 18, Russ Dizdar “Shattering the Darkness”

January 17, Susan Thayer “Exposing Planned Parenthood: Profit Centers of Death”

January 16, Antichrist Star Sign, UFO’s & The Warning 2022?

January 12, Candy Gibbs ” Raising Teens In the Culture of Death”

January 11, Mitchell Gerber “Forced LIVE Organ Harvesting In China”

January 10, ” My Story, My Testimony”

January 9, Tim Kelly “Our Interesting Times”

January 6, Dave Dionisi, “Trump Card Played: Advancing the Brotherhood of Death Agenda”

January 5, Craig R. Smith “Trump & Global Debt Bubble Burst”

January 3, Jay Dyer “Esoteric Hollywood”

January 2, St. Aquinas on Endtimes & Antichrist Arrival Before the Triumph

December 30, Marshall Masters “Meteor Warning for 2017”

December 29, Ken Van Hoof, “Tribulation Cometh: Church & World In Eclipse”

December 27, James Perloff, “Truth Is a Lonely Warrior”

December 26, Ascended Masters “Fallen Angels In The Flesh Amongst Us”

December 22, Fr. Voigt “Preparing For The Birth of Christ”

December 19, Scottie Spencer “The Jewish Problem”

December 16, Michael DePinto “Hillary, HackWars & RFID Chip”

December 15, Bix Weir “It Is a Beautifully Rigged World”

December 13, Fritz Springmeier, “PizzaGate & Phony Alien Invasion Psyop”

December 12, Elana FreeLand & Billy Hayes ” Space Fence Lockdown”

December 9th, Jeff Harness “OZARK HOMESTEAD: Preparing for Planet X”

December 8th, Dr. Peter Chojnowski, “Luther, FunTime Francis & Vatican II, the Great Revolt”

December 7th, Defection from the Faith: Exposé of the Heresy of Salza & Siscoe

December 6th, Cheryl Chumley “Police State USA: Orwell’s Nightmare”

December 5th, Doug Hagmann “Endtime Events Unraveling”

December 2, “V” the Guerilla Economist ” 29k Dow In 2017?”

December 1, Robert Spencer “Islam: The Religion of Peace?”

November 30, Dr. Kevin Barrett “Trump & The Illusion of Choice”

November 29, Gary Wayne “Nephilim, New Age & Antichrist”

November 28, Sheila Zilinsky, “The New Age’s Green Gospel”

November 23, Bernard Janzen, “Fr. Martin: Camouflaged Apostasy”

November 22, Charles R. Smith “Shadow Gov’t, CyberTerrorism & PizzaGate”

November 21, “Antichrist Is Here & Soon To Emerge”

November 18, Sandra Fecht “Renown Counselor Confirms Satanic Pedo Network”

November 17, Dr. Tenpenny “Global Forced Vaccines: Conspiracy Or Reality?”

November 16, Patrick Wood “Technocracy Rising: It’s a Green World”

November 15, Josh Tolley “Post Election Prognosis, Putin & Preparedness”

November 14, Shari DeBenedetti (GhostHunters) “Warnings From The Other Side”

November 11, Dr. Ted Broer “USA Elections & Culture of Death”

November 10, Michael Snyder (EconomicCollapseBlog) “Beginning of the End”

November 9, St. Hildegard on the Antichrist

November 8, Frank Walker (Canon212) “Crisis in the Church: Weeds & Wheat”

November 7, Trevor Loudon “Communists: The Enemies Within”

November 4, Dr. Fiamengo “Feminism: Forerunner To Female Goddess Worship?”

November 3, Chris Bollyn “9-11 Deception: Greater Killsreal”

November 2, Tim Spencer, “Pray For The Best Prepare For The Worst”

November 1, Dr. Richard Sauder “Apoc. 6:15, Underground Bases”

October 31, Dr. Suzanne Humphries “Vaccines, Dissolving Illusions”

October 28, Leo Zagami “Unholy See: Vatican EndGame Plans Changed?”

October 27, Jeffrey Smith, “G.M.NO’S!, Seeds Of Destruction”

October 26, Michael DePinto “The Mad World We Live In Headed For Martial Law”

October 25, Dr. Conaway “Why Is America So Sick?”

October 24, Pat Henry “Why Prep?”

October 21, Marie Julie Jahenny “Warnings On Novus Ordo & Planet X”

October 20, Ben Davidson ” Preparation For Space Weather Events”

October 19, Msgr. Perez, “Pastoral Questions For Msgr. Perez”

October 18, Sir Charles Coulombe “Star Spangled Crown & Ghost Stories”

October 17, Alex Newman “Crimes of the Cabalistic Educators”

October 14, F. William Engdahl “Lost Hegemon: USA & Muslim Brotherhood Marriage”

October 13, Dr. Bill Warner, “Islamic Expose: Jihad vs Crusades”

October 12, Dr. Duke Pesta “Masonic Common Core Carnage”

October 11, Terral Blackstar “Project Blackstar”

October 10, Our Lady of Heede “This Generation Deserves To Be Annihilated”

October 7, Our Lady of Good Success, “Lucifer Rules Through Masonry”

October 6, Our Lady of Akita “A Punishment Greater Than The Deluge”

October 5, Anthony Gonzalez “Modernist Seminaries & Demonology”

October 4, Our Lady of LaSalette “Only Faith Will Survive”

October 3, V the Guerilla Economist “October Surprise”

September 30, Dave Hodges “Awakening & Freeing The Enslaved Masses”

September 29, Robert Schooler “GMO Debate: Cornell Propaganda”

September 28, Dave Shurter “Rabbit Hole: Satanic Abuse Survivor”

September 27, Dave Dionisi “9-11, BrotherHood of Death, Akita & Fatima Secret”

September 26, Shoebat “Novus Ordo, Sodomy & Persecution”

September 23, Wayne Madsen “Soros, Elections & GeoPolitics”

September 22, Fr. Voigt “The Seven Words Of Our Blessed Mother”

September 21, DahBoo7 “NWO EndGame: Current Events”

September 20, Marc Morano, “Environmentalism: Return To Ancient Paganism”

September 19, “2 Peter 3: Endtime Scoffers””2 Peter 3: Endtime Scoffers”

September 16, John Nicholson “Freemasonry’s Satanic Takeover Of The World”

September 15, Hugh Owen “Two Frameworks: Creationism vs. Evolutionism”

September 14, Bo Polny “Apoc. 6:5 Financial Apocalypse Cometh”

September 13, David Meade “Planet X: 2017, The Arrival”

September 12, Colin Flaherty “Race War Propaganda & Black Lives Matter”

September 9, Anthony Patch “CERN: Opening The GateWay To Hell”

September 8, Rob Kirby “Economic Endgame: Get Your House In Order”

September 7, Elana Freeland “Chemtrails, HAARP & Full Spectrum Dominance”

September 6, L.A. Marzulli “Afghan Giant/Return of Nephilim”

September 5, Rachel L McIntosh “The Big Show of the NWO”

September 3rd, Fr. Paul Kramer “Apostate Francis & One World Religion”

September 1, Dr. Paul Byrne “Organ Harvesting & System of Death”

August 20th, “Sloppy Sellout Salza & His Sensational “SpinDoctoring”

August 10, Pseudo-Traditionalism Is “Free Falling”

August 4, Maitreya’s Day Of Declaration

July 29, Latest False Prophet Message (July/Aug)

July 24, St. Anthony the Great “Beginning of the End”

July 18, Jim Rizoli “HoloHoax: Greatest Hoax Ever!”

July 16, Leo Zagami “Vatican Insider: Masonry, New Age & Aliens”

July 14,  John Moore “Top Special Forces Soldier Says Planet X Coming”

July 13, Mike King, “God vs. Darwin”

July 12, John Henry Westen “Attack On Marriage & Family”

July 11, “Endgame Has Begun: Riots, RaceWar & Revolution”

July 8, Michael Hichborn “Corruption In The Catholic Church”

July 7, Sir Charles Coulombe “Monarchy vs. Democracy”

July 6, Mykel Hawke “Preparedness: #1 Ranked Survivalist Speaks”

July 5, Brittni De La Mora “Ex Top Porn Star Reveals All”

July 4, V the Guerilla Economist “Brexit, Gold Boom & Cabal Is Scrambling”

July 3, Shoebat “Our Lady of Guadalupe”

July 1, Dr. Tenpenny “Dangers Of Vaccines”

June 29, Dr. Coldwell “Modern World Is A WWE Show”

June 28, Msgr. Perez ” Francis Says Quit Meddling In Moral Lives”

June 27, Andy Hoffman “Europe Will Collapse First”

June 26, “#LoveWins? No, #LustLoses!”

June 24, Steve Olson “Prepare For Planet X”

June 23, Dr. E. Michael Jones “America, The Gay Disco”

June 22, Dr. Sungenis “Dr. Mirus, Francis, JP2 & V2”

June 21, Syrian Girl “The Real Syrian Situation”

June 20, Dr. Judith Reisman “Exposing The Kinsey Sex Cult”

June 17, Neil Sanders “Mind Control & Mass Manipulation”

June 16, Fr. Voigt “Seven Sorrows Of The Blessed Virgin Mary”

June 15, Dane Wigington “GeoEngineering: Man Playing God”

June 13, William Gheen “Illegal Immigration & Summer of Blood”

June 11, “Endtime Revelations Of Blessed Aiello”

June 10, Bernard Janzen “Fr. Malachi Martin & Current Crisis”

June 8, Greg Mannarino, “Global Collapse Coming Soon!”

June 7, Dr. Francis Boyle “3rd Secret of Fatima & BioTerrorism”

June 4, Mark of the Beast: New Age Luciferian Initiation

June 1, Gerald Celente “Horrific Storm Brewing”

May 30, Fatima 2017: “Your Time Is Up!”

May 28, Maria Cahill “Modesty In The Modern World”

May 26, Walid Shoebat “Turkey & Revived Islamic Caliphate”

May 25, E.J Snyder “Preparedness For The Days Ahead”

May 24, Jay Parker “Satanic Ritual Abuse Victim”

May 23, Robert Sungenis “Charismatics, Geocentrism & Current Crisis”

May 21, Dr. David Duke “Exposing the Jew World Order”

May 20, Endtime Prophecy (Sr Jeanne): Vatican 2 False Religion

May 19, Stan Deyo  “Endtimes Assessment”

May 18, Dr. Roman Yampolskiy “A.I., Rise of Robots & RFID Chip”

May 17, Chris Gagnier “Prepping: Fatima Foods”

May 16, Mike King  “NWO & Mainstream Media Lies”

May 13, TradCatKnight Visibility: Alexa Rank

May 12, Merlin Miller “USA & Designed Implosion”

May 11, David Dees “Dees Joins TradCatKnight”

May 9, Marshall Masters “Planet X: They Will Die In Place”

May 8, Charlotte Iserbyt “Dumbing Down Of Amerika”

May 7, Tim Kennedy “ISIS Cowards”

May 6, Fiona Barnett “Satanic Pedophile Network Exposed”

May 4, Gilad Atzmon “Jew Elite Supremacy”

May 2, ” Vatican 2 The Great Apostasy?”

May 1, “St. Athanasius & True Resistance”

April 29th, Nicholas Landholt “It’s the Militias Stupid!

April 27th, Ben Davidson “Magnetic Reversal & Earth Changes”

April 26th, Fr. Voigt “The Demonic Today”

April 25th, Shoebat “Church Militancy “

April 23rd, Fritz Springmeier “Illuminati Infiltrators”

April 22nd, Shoebat “Christian Persecution”

April 21st, Fr. Perez “Pastoring the Sheep In Difficult Times”

April 20th,  Gill Broussard “Planet 7X- Doomsday Cometh”

April 19th, Suzanne Venker “Feminism & War On Men”

April 18th, Nick Rosen “Off the Grid”

April 17th, Dr. Amato “GeoEngineering: Death From Above”

April 12th, “Francis & Fellay”

April 10th, “13 Days of Terror” April 19th- May 1

April 5th, Pam Killeen “Environmental Toxins”

April 3, Tony LaRosa “Remembering Archbishop Lefebvre”

April 1, Dr. E Michael Jones “Medjugorje Deception & Proxy War”

March 21, “Benedict XVI, Church in Deep Crisis”

March 15th “Women & Destruction Of Christian Civilization”

March 7th ” Mainstream Stink Over Resistance Consecration Coming”

February 29th “Timing & Cruelty Of Antichrist”

February 22nd “13 Ways To Spiritually Improve The Day”

February 15th “BVM: At The ForeFront Of The Fight”

February 8th “Charity: Eyes of An Eagle”

February 1st “New Age Says Francis Playing His Part”

January 25th, “7 Days of Gifts & Burnt Meatloaf”

January 20th, ” 7 Reasons To Avoid The Pitfall Of Pseudo-Traditionalism”

January 11th, “The Dreaded “H” Word”

January 4th, “New Year, Same Ol’ Self?

December 28th, “15 TOP Areas (USA) NOT to Be In…”

December 16th, “The Tradisee”

November 21st- Msgr. Perez, “Novus Ordo Catholic??”

November 14th- Walter Adams, “Catholic Monarchy & CounterRevolution”

November 10th- Fr. Voigt, “An Evening of 3’s”

November 7th- Dr. Helena Schrader, “Balian & Crusader Myths”

October 31st- Marshall Masters, “Planet X System & Chastisements Coming”

October 24th- John Salza, “Sedevacantism, Fatima & Masonry”

Oct 22nd- TradCatKnight Fake?

October 18th- “Synod, Church DeCentralization & Francis Resignation”

October 12th- Gerald Celente, “Fatima: Russia Cannot Be Stopped!”

October 10th- Theodore Shoebat, “Islamic Jihadism”

October 4th- “The CounterRevolution”

September 26th- Fr. Kramer, “3rd Secret & Coup Against Benedict XVI”

September 22nd- TradCatKnight Radio: “Fr. Voigt, Obstacles to Holiness”

September 13th- “Papalism: Pope Worship”

September 6th- “Cardinal Burke Coming To Steubenville”

August 30th- “Catholicism vs. New Age”

August 23rd- “A Time Is Coming When Men Go Mad!”

August 16th- “Event Coming To Cause Despair?”

August 9th- “Apocalypse 3:16: I Will Vomit Thee Out Of My Mouth”

August 2nd- “A Life of Prayer: Prepare or Not Care?”

July 26th- “Get Out Of The Van While You Can”

July 19th- “Fear or Faith? Fright or Flight?”

July 12th- “Alex Jones, Vatican Coup”

July 5th- “Apocalypse 12:14, Eagles & the Desert”

June 28th- “Far Deeper Problem Than Francis”

June 21st- “The Frogs Boil”

June 14th- ‘Back to the Fundamentals”

June 7th- “Popes Over Two Churches?”

May 31st- “Same Sex Sickness”

May 24th- “America the Free?”

May 17th- “They Will Kill & Think They Do God’s Service”

May 10th- “May, the Month of Mary”

May 3rd- “The Passing Away of Fr. Gruner”

April 26th- “Eagles & The Storm”

April 19th- “Examination of Conscience”

April 13th- “Modernist Rome Recognizes Neo-SSPX in Argentina”

April 11th- “Those Not Following V2 Killing Themselves??”

April 7th- “Year Of Pseudo-Mercy”

April 2nd- “Resistance Makes Mainstream News”

March 29th- “The MHFM/Dimond Brother Cult”

March 19th- “The Neo-SSPX Revisited”

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