My name is Jonathon Dean. I became a traditional catholic in the summer of 2018 moving from the Novus Ordo. Tradcatknight has been integral in my conversion to the one true holy Catholic faith. Tradcatknight provides extensive resources in traditional Catholicism, including catechisms, bible, and dogmas of the faith resources. Tradcatknight also been integral in my development of my interior life to follow in the footsteps of the saints of old and improve and fight daily the spiritual battle we must fight on a day to day basis. And finally Tradcatknight has helped wake me up to the realities of this world we live in from the geoengineering to the new world order and plans of depopulation. I recommend the resources here for anyone looking to grow closer to our lady and Jesus and learning the realities of the fight we are in.


Jonathon Dean



As I searched for the true faith, I began to read the church fathers and the history of the Catholic Church. I fell in love with St. John of the Cross, Thomas Aquinas, and St. Augustine. I converted to Catholicism in 2015 and I quickly found out that today’s church was nothing like the church of the fathers. I continued to attend mass every Sunday and attempt to learn more on my own. I couldn’t understand what happened.

In 2108 I found TradCatKnight on YouTube and as I listened it all began to make sense. By listening to Eric I was able to do the proper verification of what he said using the church documents throughout history and it was all true. I started to attend the Traditional Latin Mass and there I found some of what had drawn me to the Catholic faith in the first place. No more communion in the hand, no Eucharistic ministers, no women altar boys. No more “gathering together”, and  “sharing the meal” and singing protestant hymns. I found supernatural faith, clear doctrine and not the weaponized ambiguity of today.

I visit TCK daily and have learned so much about the faith, there is a community of like minded believers as well, and he has also opened my eyes to all the events happening around us. The scales have fallen from my eyes and I see clearly now how the world is being manipulated through the media, in the schools, and at work. I can’t imagine a day without TCK and the $10.00 a month is nothing compared to the priceless information coming out daily.

Thanks Eric for saving souls,

David Donegan



“I have been visiting Tradcatknight for a couple of years now and it is absolutely excellent.

Eric does a fantastic job at exposing the Vatican II Church of Darkness and the New World Order while keeping us up to date with all the latest news regarding the church, economic, political and all other ‘Signs of the Times’ / “Days of Lot’ related matters as well as posting great articles on prophecy and keeping the true faith of tradition in these difficult times.

Tradcatknight is a superb refuge for Catholics and a great archive on spiritual warfare and on church teachings and a welcome oasis of sanity and faith in an age bereft of both.

Eric records regular podcasts, sometimes a couple everyday on various issues that are always entertaining, informative and great to listen to often in the form of interviews with many great guests.

I thoroughly recommend everyone to join Tradcatknight, you won’t regret it.

All the best,

James Deane

I was a Novus Ordo Catholic searching for some kind of truth, when I came across this “nut” on the internet who claimed to be a Knight of the order of the eagle; Eric Gajewski.
Tradcatknight was an outspoken publication that pulled no punches.  At the time I was just getting into the Church approved Marian apparitions, and wanted some clarification on why the Pope sounded like a heretic.  The local parish gave me no answers; so after walking out on my Novus Ordo Bible study, never to return, Eric’s videos featuring Fr. Hess, Fr. Kramer and others opened my eyes to another side of Catholicism I didn’t know existed.  Becoming an “aware” Catholic is a very painful process, and just knowing there were others out there who shared my worldview was a comfort.
I have since found a Latin Mass, and found a new found love for the Douay-Rheims Bible.  It seems I am now addicted to TCK and can’t go a day without getting my fix.  Whether your looking for Spirtual Catholic Teaching, disaster prep, new world order information, or earth changes, Erics got it.
Keep the Faith,
Rodney Ford
AKA. Teutonic Warrior



I was raised as a “conservative” in the Novus Ordo church, attending church every Sunday and saying the Rosary regularly with my family and sporadically on my own. I heard a traditional sermon which mentioned the Latin Mass.  I decided to attend a local Latin Mass community.  After attending every Sunday for about six months, I Instinctively knew that I had to relearn my faith, although there didn’t seem to be anyone with the time or maybe the knowledge to catechize me.

I found Tradcatknight after hearing someone mention it in my Latin Mass community.  I really liked how Eric would quote prophecies from approved Saints and equate them with current events happening in the world.  I also found some good solid Catholic teaching with which to start relearning the True Faith.

Eric seemed to go into some pretty weird conspiratorial subjects and it took me a good six months or more of regular viewing and listening to see how he tied it all together using good solid pre-Vatican II church teaching, approved prophecy, expert researchers, scientists, journalists and traditional priests in order to show the bigger picture and reveal the end game of Satan and his human henchman.

I have been with TradCatKnight for at least 2.5 Years and have come to see the massive deception not just on the level of religion, but on every level; education, politics, economics, earth changes, history, health and society.  Eric’s style of writing and speech can be quite confronting and challenging to deal with at first, but I now see that he courageously calls a spade, a spade and that it was absolutely necessary in order to shatter what I thought I knew about the church and the world around me and to take an objective view.

Tradcatknight has enabled me to see the lies and deceptions being propagated all around me, to question the mainstream narrative and to put everything into the context of the battle for souls.  It is my duty to learn the True Faith first, be aware of the traps and deceptions all around and make other people aware of them.

I am the father of a young family and I don’t have time to search dozens of websites searching for the truth.  Tradcatknight is my one stop shop when it comes to news and current events.  Eric is always open to different, even opposing, points of view and when he sees that he is wrong he promptly admits it and where Faith and Tradition are concerned, he stands firm in the face of massive opposition.

I highly recommend this website if you are searching for the Truth, but be aware that it is not for the faint hearted.  It will challenge you to the point of breaking and if you can learn to put pride and ego aside and put on humility then you may put on the Wings of an Eagle and fly above the massive storm of chastisement on the horizon and be saved from certain destruction.

May God bless you on your journey to discover the Truth! Most of all PRAY and ask God for the Grace of Humility!

Patrick W

(Brisbane, Qld, Australia)


Hi, Eric!!

I just love all the new steps you are taking regarding your website. I think it is so incredibly important to get so many experts on the same website. You are really bringing a lot of interesting people together!

Of course, I am afraid this probably means you are only busier.. I fear I may have missed my one and only chance to get a few calls in a few years ago… I must admit , I still haven’t found any one I agree with so well as you on all important subjects, and I am still feeling pretty much in a desert. I so admire your faith, but most especially what seems a truly authentic prayer life. I can not tell you how much I would appreciate your sharing your thoughts on the phone, in a more informal way. I am not someone who feels satisfied with many social contacts.

Although it is difficult to believe you are going through neurological issues, when I see the incredible work you keep putting forth on your website!!

So hope you are feeling better.

God bless you… I’ve been praying for you! Thank you so much for loving Our Lord!

In Corde Mariae


The TradcatKnight Aposolate I came into shortly after I escaped the novus ordo soul slayer. Here, I found authentic Catholicism, a community of real Catholics, and somewhere to get truthful answers on what is really happening in the world. Whether it was American politics, world politics, religion, prophecy, and so much more the parts of this insane world began coming together quickly.

One memory that will forever be in my mind, was burning my false Vatican 2 bible and getting my Douay Rheims bible. From that point on I’ve been able to interact with many people from around the world, speak to many acclaimed people around the world and in the Church, and increase my own knowledge to limits I never would’ve thought possible. The best part about all of this, is knowing that every day I am fighting the good fight to bring myself in line with our Lord God, Jesus Christ.
Raymond V Ranaletta, New York/USA

Dear Eric, In October 2014 I started reciting the Rosary again after many years of neglecting it, and many sins. I felt the Blessed Virgin calling me back to the Church.  I had my first confession in many years on November 2nd, 2014, the feast of the Holy Souls in Purgatory, to whom I am very devoted to this day.  Around this time I began to follow Defeat Modernism. Then around the first of the year in 2015, I discovered TradCatKnight.   Through the TradCatKnight website I understood that I needed to return to Tradition in the Catholic Church.  But it took many months of reflection, while still involved in the Novus Ordo, to finally make it back to the One True Church.  I went to a Traditional Latin Mass by Father Voigt in September 2015 and have been a faithful real Catholic ever since.  TradCatKnight has helped me out of the Novus Ordo, helped me to know the Truth, and has helped me increase my Faith tremendously.  Thank you,  Eric, with your help and with Our Lady’s help, I am back in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, praying for souls and offering myself as a victim soul especially for the salvation of sinners and the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

Sincerely, Karen Karwowski


I stopped attending the RC Church in my late teens at college. The Pentecostals had a book table in the lobby and they helped me understand that God is very personal. Up until that time my relationship with God was very distant, however, I always held a deep hope that something would change. I had a vision of God then and it changed my life completely.

From there I wandered in the desert, so to speak, from one denomination to another. I even went back to the RC church for a while in the charismatic movement. I became spiritually exhausted, angry and confused at all the so-called truths being spouted. And I missed my personal relationship with Jesus- I didn’t want to address the “Universe” anymore!

I kept searching in my heart until finally returned to the Catholic Church some 30 years later in 2017 with a burning desire to amend my life. But something was gnawing at me. I couldn’t seem to settle down into a quiet rhythm at Mass. Every week there was a different choir. People were talking before, during, and after Mass. I couldn’t put my finger on it. In the meantime, I was reading about Fatima and listening to various Catholic outlets online like EWTN, Catholic Answers and The Fatima Center with Fr. Gruner. I started to pray the Rosary daily.

Then, in the summer of 2018, I came upon a very different and, I thought, weird, blogtalk site called TCK with a guy chatting in a manner I felt was altogether too casual. (It was actually too honest and real and I couldn’t handle it!) The backdrop was a blue screen with a castle and an eagle that was always dated May 6th, which annoyed my perfectionist nature. I didn’t trust it, but, because of his deep devotion to Our Lady, it soon it made its way into my heart and I have become a self-professed, daily, TCK junkie ever since! This man speaks the truth and provides answers I had been longing for- regarding the Mass and, frankly, EVERYTHING that is going on in this world. Thank you Blessed Virgin Mary and Eric Gajewski!

To all searchers out there like me-
May you find peace and the truth here at TCK too.

Serena L. Longtin
Chateauguay (near Montreal),Quebec


I felt that the church was going different places. The papal arena was coming apart especially after Frances was appointed or elected or whatever that I felt unsure uncertain. My family had left the church. Sister became Buddhist. Brother did enter into a mason temple but with his four divorces has now chosen baptist faith. With all that my faith was becoming distant. I even was thinking that charismatic stuff might be the way. Then I started looking online and through several different you tube videos I was looking and the mention of tradcatknight kept coming up and Eric’s name went to blogspot and more and more reading and answers were coming. More and more answers. One thing I stayed with was Fatima. Never stopped believing ever. And when I saw and read that Fatima was Eric’s base. That sowed it up for me.

I am so glad I found Eric and tradcatknight!!!!!

Thank you so very much Eric. Thank you.



It might be good time to get Dr. Chojnoski back on soon—sounds like an update to his facial recognition study of Sister Lucy is forthcoming. I’d also like to hear again from Louie Verrecchio, E. Michael Jones, Father Hewko, Father Chazal (if possible—not sure I’ve heard him interviewed on your show but will look), Msgr. Perez, Father Voigt, Hugh Owen, and Bernard Janzen.

Keep up the great work!!!
Dr. Kevin Bryant


Hi Eric. God bless your work. I’m now with the Resistance but as expected getting grief from the friends in the Indult Church. I’ve spoken about Vatican 2 and Rome no longer being catholic but it’s fallen on deaf ears They don’t want to listen. These are traditional Catholics who go to the Latin Mass Anti Pope Francis is coming to Ireland next month. All the novus ordo people think it’s great.
I’m shocked at their ignorance. I’m hoping he won’t come as we are no longer a catholic country following the abortion referendum. Outside forces incl Soros had a big part to play in that. Keep up the great work. I listen to you on U tube.

Una Martin ( Ireland )


Your apostolate is thoroughly exceptional for the way has tied to together important matters under the auspice of Catholic/Marian prophecy, including the matter of the utter atrocity who is the present (false) claimant to the Chair of Peter. There is also your emphasis on Fr. Kramer, who had been Fr. Gruner’s “right-hand man,” in terms of the practical theological and canonical understanding of our times, but who, since Fr. Gruner’s death, has been condemned by the Canadian edition of The International Fatima Rosary Crusade and others from the U.S, including Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara.
– I am with you and Fr. Kramer on the general picture of things



Eric has a unique ability to combine the spiritual and the temporal from the Old Testament up to the present time. His many guests allow for a deeper insight into the issues of our day as well as the issues of times past. He is not afraid to cover “sensitive” topics which get buried by censorship or “lack of funds”. He also has a great sense of humor.
Salve Maria
Chris G.


Summer of 2016, I took on a large landscaping job about 25 miles out of town in a very rural area. I brought my computer so I could use their WiFi and listen to music or YouTube while gardening. I had my computer on Mother Angelica shows which were on YouTube as well. The shows were playing one after the other as I worked. A new show came on with an eagles screech. Then, I find myself listening to what I thought was this young guy talking about Fatima.  Guy made me mad at first he also spoke of other things I totally couldn’t understand. It was all Greek to me this nonsense about the messed up church. Although I was annoyed with what this guy was saying something inside of me was wanting more. The next day while gardening I turned on my computer to find this guy with the eagle screech. I didnt know who I was looking for so, finally listening through some shows about Fatima I found the guy. It was “Tradcatknight” I looked at the name and thought, I’ll bet this guy is a Traditional Catholic, hmmmm. I began to listen to as many shows as I could. This is my 2nd year as a Traditional Catholic! All thanks to my gardening job and Eric the guy with the screeching eagle.

Keep up the great work!

Kathleen Loney


I have been a member of the Trad Cat Knight (TCK) community for a few months, when it was necessary to convert from Youtube to the website. I had followed TCK for quite a few years as I was making my transition from the Novus Ordo Church . This was very difficult for me as most of my community and friends were very involved in our local Catholic (or so I thought) Church. In a very small community, it is difficult to break away. I was extremely involved and attended conferences by the Diocese, a regular attendant at Benediction, Catechism teacher (but is Sunday school – not the same), choir, and did volunteer work for fundraising. If there was a Mass, I was there. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do was leave all of this.

I was brought up in the NO church. I remember singing the Gloria in Latin as a child, and seeing the ornate confessionals on the side of the walls and I remember walking behind the great Altar in our beautiful church. I remember the kneeling and the reverence for not only the Priests but the fact we were in a holy place. I remember kneeling in adoration. When they started to stand, my alarm bells were going off.

As I became more involved in our local Church, I was asked to be part of a Charismatic group. Not knowing what that was, I attended. However, after one meeting I knew this was not Catholic. I also attended some healing masses and other types of masses, but knew this just did not feel right.

I searched for an answer to this and found not only Trad Cat Knight, but a local Latin Mass to which I now attend with a wonderful independent traditional Priest.

TradCatKnight has helped so much. I know now that there are others out there who have been blessed as I have in being given the truth and I do not feel so isolated. It is so very important when travel to Mass is usually only once a month to have this community support in between these times. Eric’s information is so concise and any question I have, is always answered by doing a little search for one of his articles or listening to his Twitch broadcasts. A true blessing. Thank you Eric.

Amber Bayer, Canada


I would like to just thank you for all of the work you do for us, your brothers and sisters in Christ. I am so grateful everyday for the information and inspiration that I get from your site. I feel the weight of the awful truth sometimes, because it’s a lot to bear. But, in Truth is the ability to follow and choose our Lord’s path with eyes and hearts open. The world we live in tries to suffocate this ability to truly see with nefarious distractions, that’s why I’m so grateful for all the graceful information I get everyday from what you share. I know it’s sometimes nice to get an “atta boy” for the hard work you put in, so here’s mine 😊. God’s blessings always and Ave Maria!



I started out as a cradle Modernist aka a Novus Ordite. I absolutely had no idea of the crisis the Catholic Church is currently in as me being raised in the Novus Ordo. In this day of age, there is so much information that it results to confusion. Who is truly right???
For years, I searched for the truth. I have went to Marian apparition sites that are heretical and contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church. I got involved with false devotions such as Divine Mercy. After listening to Eric’s YouTube audio postings and reading his publications on his website, this information helped me to better understand the Catholic Faith. Of course, it was not an overnight process. His hard work in piecing all the information from approved Catholic prophecies from the Saints and seers, Church doctrine prior to Vatican II, Holy Scripture, helped me to better understand that the enemy of the Church is inside Her walls. It significantly reduced the time for me to understand the Catholic Faith. Eric’s work has helped me to develop a Fear of God to know more about the true Catholic Traditions and Teachings, and to work harder for the salvation of my soul as well as helping others. He brings a completely different perspective of the natural events, such as the increase in meteorite, earthquake, or volcanic activity, is a direct byproduct that the current state of this world is not pleasing to God. I encourage you to give TradCatKnight a good listen for an entire month; that is all it takes. And through the graces from Our Blessed Mother, She will allow you to see Truth, and you will be able to easily connect it to what Eric has been trying to explain all along.
Deo Gratias et Ave Maria Purisma!
S.C. (New Jersey)
Tradcatknight is a real godsend.   I had been following other traditional media sources, and always wondered why they never brought up various important issues, that although rarely found on media, nevertheless we would definitely be facing in the near future.  We need to be forewarned about these topics, even if, and especially if, they make us uneasy, so we can form an authentic Catholic view on them, to prevent being caught unaware and unprepared when they are foisted upon us, and perhaps be decieved and lose the faith.  I had spent hours on the internet gathering the information myself.  Then I came across Eric’s website.  He addresses all these subjects I was interested in, and many I had never heard of, all at fingertip’s reach.   He covers the widest range of topics I have ever found on any one site, (including countless sources and other websites to choose from), all from a traditional Catholic point of view.  He interviews the best known in the fields.   It’s excellent!!!
And far more important than this, he brings up the taboo subjects of what is really  going on in the Church, and sound doctrine to point out some very subtle errors that seem to be almost universally accepted at this point…    We all know the Faith is all that matters, yet do we have it?  There have always been areas I was uncomfortable with, and I was disappointed no one took them up intellectually. I feel all these pertinent questions are seriously discussed on this website.  At least this should have the effect of opening our minds and getting us to think…
Another very unique quality of his website, is how interactive it is.  He allows personal contact with other Catholics from around the world, live chat, round table talk, live call-in shows, and more.  He really fosters a “family” atmosphere.
Most important of all is his constant stress concerning the spiritual life.   In a time of “diabolical confusion”, one of the greatest pitfalls is to strive too anxiously to arrive at all the answers.  He consistently reminds us, to “pray, hope, and don’t worry”.   It is our personal union with Christ that matters, developing our love affair with Love Himself.  It is Jesus Who is forgotten in all our fears, yet it is Jesus alone Who is the Answer.  “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”   Our world, even the members of our beloved Church, have forgotten Her Jesus.  He came to the world to solve all its problems, He did solve all the problems, “but another will come in his own name, he (the world) will accept.”   It is clearly Eric’s greatest desire to prepare our souls for what is certainly coming upon us in the near future…  we are without doubt living in apocalyptic times.   Each of us will be severely tried beyond anything humanly possilble to deal with.  If we haven’t already developed a strong habitual habit of living, breathing, and clinging to Jesus, we run a serious risk of running into foreign arms at the decisive moment….   I believe, after all the disturbing information that Eric exposes on this website, it is clear his main goal is simply this:  “the Truth will set you free”. Jesus is the Alpha and Omega.
Great job, Eric!  I pray everyone will use your website as a valuable resource for these confusing times!!

Cradle Catholic all my life in my home state of Nebraska in the middle of nowhere, the nearest town was 15 miles away and St John’s was probably 60 parishioners at the time of my youth and even had two Nuns at the time until 1978.

  As a young adult I was in and out of the Church until about ten years ago I started attending regularly especially when I moved to Florida where there is a Catholic hospital down the street.
 I am a late bloomer on technology and had to learn fast in the last 5 years since smart phones and computers, you tube, Facebook… Etc.
 My aunt told me about how Vatican 2 changed the Mass and it might be invalid about three years ago and I at first I thought it was just another group harassing the church like the Mormons or Prods so I started googling what I could and slowly started to somewhat get an idea what was going on.
 YouTube videos finally convinced me and I started checking for Latin masses and found one not far from here but they also had the Novus Ordo. Not knowing it wasn’t right a parishioner told me of anther Priest who came from Louisiana here twice a month and I called that Priest and he said to stop going to that Parish that celebrates both Masses so started going to this one where I attend now When he comes which isn’t often.
 Been very confusing he is a sedevacantist, from the Archbishop Kno Thuc line, rejects all V2 and he was ordained in the old Rite.
 I found Tradcatknight one day looking for the Prayer Rosary Of the HOLY Wounds and I saw the TCK website, clicked on it, then all the YouTube shows you have and been an Eagle about 2 years now. Thank you Eric.
 Sincerely ,
 Jason Paul Connelly
I have just a moment to send you a quick thank you, I will write more of my story when I have more time. I was raised Methodist, became Lutheran, Pentecostal, joined Messianic Jewish congregation all in search of the Truth. I was the only person in a huge Lutheran congregation to raise protest at the Church-wide 2009 human sexuality statement to accept clerical homosexuality and monogamous same-sex relationships between them. They made me feel like the mean, crazy one and I was rebuked by a pastor for being a “legalist.” We went to several Pentecostal churches filled with even more heresies including modalism, Jesus only (no trinity!)
Long story short, a local bookstore was going out of business and all the Catholic books were last to go off the shelves so out of curiosity I bought Devout Life, Imitation of Christ and Interior Castle-After reading Jesus and the Jewish Root of the Eucharist and these previous purchases I was convinced the Catholic Church did indeed contain the Truth. We converted 2 years ago but I was never comfortable in Novus Ordo-almost exactly like Lutheran service-I was shocked that the Lutherans held so close to the catholic mass-and even more shocked to discover recently that it is the Catholics who copied Lutheran service! I’ve been studying Vatican 2 and all the different positions and yours makes the most sense to me. I have so much to say but no more time. I now go to a Latin Mass Priory tucked away in West VA, Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem. Unfortunately it’s still officially tied to Rome but they pretend it isn’t. I love the Mass so much, all the theology is right there! The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass-beautiful!
Thank you so so much for what you do!
Stacey Verby