Welcome to the New Crusade! This is the HOME for the Order of the Eagle. We are a Catholic Military Order that involves both the clergy and laity. This page and content are currently under construction so please be patient as the site develops. Please check back frequently for updates.

What is the Significance of the Order of the Eagle Emblem?


The Red Cross:

* The Body & Blood (Eucharist) of Our King, Jesus Christ
* Sacrifice & Ordering of Our Heart Unto the Sacred Heart thru Mary
* Unity in Faith (Eagles Stay With Eagles Avoiding Heretics)
* The Only Way to Heaven
* Reminder of Doctrine of Daily Discipleship (bound to holy suffering)
* Soldier in the Divine Army, Spiritual Warfare
* Expiation of Our Sins
* Sign of Divine Brotherhood Which Counteracts Masonry & Enemies of the Church
* Blood of the Martyrs
* Death to “Self”; Alive Only in Christ
* The New Crusade & Counter-Revolution
* The Law of Selfless Love (bound to infallible teachings of the Church)

The Double-Headed White Eagle

* States Marriage With the Church (Church & State)
* Purity in General (Clothed in Mary, White Lily)
* Clean of Heart & Peacemaker (Mt 5:8, Mt 5:9)
* Purity in Intention to Serve Mary, God, the Church, Our Neighbor & Society
* 3 Supernatural virtues (Wings of Faith & Hope) (Eyes of Charity)
* Defense of the Innocent/Unborn (Pro-Life)
* Holiness and Sanctity thru Christ the Great Eagle
* Restoration of Social Kingship of Christ
* Just War & Just Defense (Guiltless before God in defense)
* Transparent Before All (Honesty)
* Christendom & Patriotism
* Resistance: To Self, Modern World, Revolution & Vatican II
* Reminder of the Saints in Heaven
* Protectors of the Church & Christian Society
* Rising above Nature, the Self, the Storm & Adversity
* Evangelist; Learned in Faith
* Works of Mercy & Charity
* Vision, Focus, Discipline & Consistency
* Test Before Trust
* Preparation, Adaptation & Change (Not Theological but Practically Speaking)
* True Renewal
* Nobility, Royalty & Monarchy

The Two Red Hearts:

* Immaculate & Sacred Hearts
* Thru Mary to Jesus (Purification, Illumination & Mystical Wedlock)
* The Reign of Mary & Jesus Over Hearts & Society
* Spiritual/Mystical Marriage (Seek Spiritual Perfection)
* Chivalry/Virtue
* Prayer (Contemplatives First)
* Need For Silence & Solitude to Move Inward & Upward in Fortress of Soul
* Selfless Love & Compassion for Others (Rebuilding)
* Penance, Mortification & Reparation
* Redemption (Mary, Co-Redemptrix)
* Alliance of Our Hearts
* Adoration; Staying close to Sacraments
* Rosary & Scapular; Where Mary is She Leads to Jesus
* Inward Intimacy (Doctrine First)
* Purification of the Heart & Lands

“We do not seek vainglory but rather the restoration of the Social Kingship of His Sacred Heart for His Glory”

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