The purpose of this page is to begin to put together plans for a Catholic homestead (God willing).  We will walk through some of the considerations and tackle the main questions that many of you might be having.

BLESSED ANNA EMMERICK, “In those days (last days), Faith will fall very low, and it will be preserved in some places only, in a few cottages and in a few families which God has protected from disasters and wars.” “For when the Blood of Christ is no longer offered on the Altars of our churches, then the blood of men will have to be spilled on the asphalt of our streets.”

Everyone who has been following my work for awhile knows the Antichrist is soon to appear onto the scene and so it will be necessary to head to the caves, dens and yes even homesteads. I believe God has called me to help the Christians here in the West to get through this calamitous time ahead.  With our eagles wings spread in faith and hope and our eyes wide in charity shall this community be led.


What are we needing?

There are many farmers and homesteaders out there this is true but without community the chances of survival is next to nothing.  Communists love to go after farms and homesteads first as you should know.  We call upon the divine protection of our true God as well as we invoke the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary that we might remain “hidden” in plain sight.

We need investors.  It is true I could buy land myself and perhaps get some families on board but I think what God is calling us to is MUCH bigger.  Right now we do have a half dozen or so folks/families who are interested in investing in this project. (I will update as this number changes)

We need people from different careers/vocations.  Doctors, dentists, people who work with their hands and so on and so forth.  The hardest part will get the snowball rolling down the mountain then once established this would attract more potential investors and families wanting to join.


What would we be investing in?

We would obviously need to buy the land but we must also consider equipment, animals, housing, taxes and much more.


How much would each person have to invest who wants to join the community ?

To be determined based upon the land selected and an estimation of the rest of the start up costs.


What is the central focus?

Catholic life.  The Sacraments.  I hope to attract priests of course.  The Mass is the Blood of the operation.  We hope to eventually turn it into a small town with shops and more (God willing) but lets take it one step at a time.  The rule of law is true Christian charity not the bogus flavor being thrown around in the secular world.

Many of you might not know this story but it is truly Our Lady who has directed me back to the Ohio Valley area using symbology of eagles in various visions and mystical experiences.  This is a protected area.


How does this tie in with Order of the Eagle (Catholic Military Order?

I believe we will be granted full Church approval at some point as almost laughable as that sounds now.


As I have said I will update this page as I meditate more on what God wants us to do or not.

Right now, I need to be speaking directly to those TRULY interested in investing/joining the community!

Please email me at apostleofmary@hotmail.com


I will leave behind direct links of potential land to acquire that my Father and I have been or will be traveling too (and perhaps some of the investors if they choose)