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      • I can spell believe it or not. I think things are starting to heat up to another level. Remember the evil one will always try to destroy us and ours. Blessed Mother Mary Pray for us. We love you.

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  3. I have learned so very much on TCK and I put the information to good use! Don’t know what I would do without it.

  4. I would like to just say a big thank you to Kathleen Loney, for all the beautiful Kits she puts together, for all that ordered. I just want to let you know when you order a Kit, it has to wait for the herbs to be grown enough to harvest, and all the supplies that go into containers. The cross and candles, the prayers and instructions that are there. Plus the beautiful wooden box that is taken to Father to be blessed! And don’t forget the candles are only blessed on February 2nd which is Candlemas Day. Sometimes it takes a little longer for you to receive your Kit but just think and say a pray for Kathleen Loney because she not only uses her own money, but also many car trips involved in assembling these kits. With much love and appreciation, I extend a warm wish and prayers for all the hard days and nights Eric and his staff do for Gods eagles that they continue to soar! God Bless All in JMJ


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