Why A Paywall?


After much discernment I have decided to make an official page covering why TRADCATKNIGHT uses a PAYWALL model for its website.  This comes on the heels of so many rash judgements over the years which I have had to endure and I felt it necessary to do this so I didn’t have to keep repeating myself to every last person complaining and griping over the issue.


Catholic! Imagine this….You get in a car that the State has given to you freely.  You then go to the local mall wherein the Store just hands you over free clothes and then on next to the local diner where the bill is entirely paid by the owners of the establishment.  Imagine this UTOPIA where everything is FREE! YAY! Unfortunately, you know Im being sarcastic.  Folks, what I have described is not a Catholic society at all but rather the Socialist Utopia that new world order types espouse.  Then why is it that Catholics, more specifically supposed “traditionalist’s” are complaining over a paywall?  I will answer that shortly but some different areas to consider:


First, I am the most censored Catholic out there who had to go behind a paywall  7+ years ago because virtually everything I produced could not withstand the all seeing eye of the Fact Checker’s and Censor’s who do not want truth out there across the social media spectrum.  Most recently I was booted off of Patreon for “medical misinformation” thus I even had to integrate the video interviews as well behind the paywall here at TRADCATKNIGHT.


Second, like you I have to work!  Imagine that! To be paid for a service rendered sounds Catholic, doesn’t it?  Folks, most weeks I typically work everyday with some weeks working well over 70 hours.  I am not a charity nor “selling the gospel” as some have suggested.  I provide a podcasting and information service for those interested typically covering some topics which MOST Catholics wont touch so TRADCATKNIGHT is HIGHLY unique.


Third, consider this point.  Most websites and blogs run different models typically the DONATION only revenue model.  I actually tried this model many years ago and couldn’t believe the lack of charity in regards to the support of my full time work.  What I deduced on the basis of how many people were viewing my material as opposed to those donating was this.  People just wanted something for nothing.  Unfortunately businesses do not operate like this.


Fourth, some websites have owners who have books that they sell.  Or DVD’s to create revenue.  Do you ask for those for FREE?  Do you ask the owners of a particular Catholic Conference for a FREE pass to the show?  Of course you do not therefore why are some complaining about the paywall here when there is typically 2-3 hours of FRESH CENSORSHIP FREE content here daily?


Fifth, consider I do offer FREE material.  I have archived free shows from many years past on youtube.  There is also archived content on my old blogspot page.  You know the page that I just told you virtually no one was helping to donate on.


Sixth, complaining is not Catholic.  Due to complaining God actually struck some Israelites dead in the Old Testament.  That’s how serious it can be.  Complaining is unbecoming and makes a person look selfish and dare I say, “cheap”.  The proper Catholic disposition is this.  “Wow, Eric so you are providing a service in this crisis in the Church which is educational and you are spending all that time to maintain and run the website from articles to podcasts HOW CAN I HELP TO ENSURE THAT YOUR WEBSITE REMAINS OPERATIONAL.”

Do you see the difference?

God loves a cheerful giver not someone complaining about why he/she cant get something for nothing.  By the way, I try to take care of clergy financially and some laity when I can as apart of this website’s ministry.


Seventh, I realize very FEW Catholics choose to go the route that I do BUT PAYWALLS ARE THE FUTURE FOR CATHOLIC MEDIA.  A paywall serves to help protect and privatize my work.  It helps to keep the riff- raff out potentially as well.  I know of many traditionalists who are close to switching over to the model I have chosen.


Eight, what about the tough economic times we live in?  Consider how I have not moved the price point in 7 YEARS.  It remains 20$ a month which is more than a bargain for ALL of the content given monthly.  Consider how you can go to a movie for 10$ a show (for only 2 hours)? Consider how some “traditionalist” websites offer so hour shows for 5 bucks alone!  Consider how for literally one taco bell run you can get ALL my content on a monthly basis.

So why all the complaining and whining?

Prices on goods and services have typically gone up at least 25 percent over the last year if not more and yet I have kept the price point the same.  I have even upgraded our audio and video content to provide a better experience on top of this.  I do not offer any long term plans for FREE service as the paywall is not setup for such a scenario.


Ninth, I am not selling the Gospel.  I am not “worldly” for wanting the ability to do this work and asking for monetary compensation.  The reality is most people I run into are just cheap like I am talking scary “cheap”. It is actually quite sad to witness.  These same people who complain about the paywall will pay for a pedicure or maybe a gym membership or dare I even say have a NETFLIX subscription yet complain about a Catholic subscription?? The reality is the say simply DONT WANT TO PAY.

Tenth, Information should be free.  Not necessarily true.  As I have demonstrated various Christian outlets sell books, dvds, conferences and so forth.  Knowledge can help one gain an advantage and at TRADCATKNIGHT I have been keeping my followers YEARS ahead of the headlines.  The areas some traddies are only recently talking about I have talked about for a decade if not longer.  I first forewarned of the coming global medical police state with Dr. Tenpenny.  I was virtually alone in warning the Antichrist was close about a decade ago and I was the first in Catholic media to say Benedict XVI was the true Pope understanding Catohlic theology applied but also my knowledge on Catholic prophecy.

Next, consider as a member you are going to ACTUALLY SAVE MONEY MONTHLY!   I am always talking about ways to save money so in reality your 20 dollar investment here will help you to save hundreds on a monthly basis.

What about the argument you are too expensive?  On the podcast level alone it works out to be about 25 cents for podcast or so on a monthly basis.  This doesnt consider my general information and articles as well.  20$ dollars will look all the more attractive as the economy worsens (which it will).  20$ is my bottom price for all the work done and for trying to make this website run full time operationally speaking.

Again, what I have found is people can really afford it (if they truly wanted to join us) but simply dont because they feel as though they shouldnt have to pay.  Sorry, if you feel that way but you will not gain service here then.


I have decided to make this page so I can simply post this beneath the complaints of the “socialists” who don’t formally identify as such but in practice do.  I know the Catholic media market space ad I know what we are doing NO OTHER WEBSITE is or has simply “ripped off” aspects of what I am doing.  My message to you is STOP COMPLAINING, BE A CHEERFUL GIVER AND JOIN IF YOU LIKE. We have some of the biggest names from the clergy and Catholic media who are members so why aren’t you?


I want to hear from you all! What do you think? Comment below….