This section deals with the most common questions as it relates to Order of the Eagle. Please check back often for further updates

Q: How Can I Contact You?
A: apostleofmary@hotmail.com

Q: Do you have formal approval by the Church?

A: No, Rome is modernist and the local dioceses following Vatican II objectively speaking do not hold the Catholic Faith. We will gain formal approval after the formal schism/shakeup in Rome.

Q: How can I help spread the awareness of this Order?

A: Help me by spreading this page and all the works of TradCatKnight. This is the HOME of the New Crusade

Q: Can I join this Order if I accept the Second Vatican Council Revolution?

A: Absolutely not.

Q: What does the Order think of Sedevacantism?
A: Although I am more compassionate towards the Sedevacantists it is still error and can be very dangerous to the Faith. Some Sedevacantists are heretics (Feeneyites, Dimond Brothers, etc) and others try to raise their fallible position to the level of dogma (Novusordowatch, Bp Sanborn, Fr Cekada, etc). This is erroneous and such types would only disrupt the brotherhood of this order, therefore, “open” Sedevacantists are likewise not permitted. However, Pseudo-Traditionalism (anyone accepting the Council “to some degree”) still remains even more dangerous.

Q: What groups do you support?

A: This order will be affiliated with the Resistance/Resistants. However, I support any priest or group that rejects Vatican II wholesale without falling into Sedevacantism.

Q: When you assert you will defend the Catholic Faith does that mean theologically or literally (physically)?


Q: Given You Reject Vatican II How Are You Catholic?

A: We follow everything the Church INFALLIBLY teaches by way of the solemn Magesterium both expressed in her Extraordinary & Ordinary forms. The Second Vatican Council was not infallible nor does it come by way of the Ordinary Infallible Magesterium as some suggest. All novelties/errors/heresies which are a direct result from the Council itself and the subsequent modernist/liberal hierarchy MUST be rejected to remain Catholic hence why we are Resistants. Those novelties, errors and heresies which do come from the Council itself and the Modernist Vatican II Popes themselves come by way of the Ordinary authentic Magesterium which is fallible and therefore can and must be rejected as it runs contrary to Tradition and Solemn Magesterium.

Q: How Do I know if this Order is for me?
A: Pray the Rosary and see the Discernment section of this website

Q: How would you best describe this Order briefly?
A: We are contemplatives first seeking spiritual perfection devoted to the Immaculate Heart & Sacred Hearts. We are devoted to the Rosary & scapular and to good works thru grace. We try to exemplify Faith, Hope and Charity. We are evangelists learned in the Faith seeking to convert others to the true Faith

Q: Are laymen even women permitted in the Order?
A: Yes, the Order will be broken down into 3 classifications: (1) Military knights, (2) priests, (3) most pious hospitalers

Q: How can I hear more about the Order outside of the information presented on this website?
A: You can tune into the latest TradCatKnight Radio Shows either found on the MP3 section here or on Youtube for more details as I give further details weekly

Q: Can “Patriotic” Protestants join this Order?

A: Objectively speaking the Protestants are no better than Islam, Masons, Jews, Communists and Marxists. Of course they cannot enter the Order without first establishing they have the proper norm of Faith which can only please God. Are You with us or against us? Protestants are another enemy of Holy Mother Church and the true Faith of Christ.

Q: What is meant by the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart?
A: It is a victory over the Vatican II Revolution. It is a victory over Islam, Communism, Judeo-Masonry and New World Order. It is a restoration of the true Faith back in the world wherein Catholic States will uphold the Divine Law via Monarchies.

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