Catholic Stinginess

By: Eric Gajewski

Stingy, parsimonious, miserly, mean, close all mean reluctant to part with money or goods. Stingy, the most general of these terms, means unwilling to share, give, or spend possessions or money: children who are stingy with their toys; a stingy, grasping skinflint.


This article will be free to the public so as to clarify any misconceptions about this work.  Furthermore, this article is obviously not intended toward those paid members of TradCatKnight who see the value in this work.

Over the last few weeks I have received a handful of “nasty” emails trying to vilify me because of the 10$ paywall in place.  It has numerous reasons but the primary reason is to sustain my efforts full time.

If you look at other individual bloggers they don’t work full time (writing) because they obviously aren’t making enough money to do so.

Still other major websites have free information, right?  Like OnePeterfive, the Remnant or Lifesitenews.

The reality is I do have an awful lot of free information housed from times past at the blog page or on youtube or soundcloud, etc.

But to keep up with the current information you must become a paid member.

Is this so sinful?  Or is it rather Catholics have succumbed to self-love and can’t compute how it is necessary to have financial ends met? 

I realize there are some who have financial difficulties and legitimately can’t afford the 10$ a month and my heart truly goes out to you, however, I don’t believe this is the case with the majority who simply don’t want to have to pay to gain access to information.

First, its not sinful to put up such a paywall.  I ran my apostolate the first almost four years off of my own money earned from the world with the help of family to sustain this work full time.  Then as changes were happening in my life and I saw how I was going to have to start earning money like everyone else it became imperative that I ask for donations like every other website does.

The problem with this was obvious.

The donations given reflected  a Catholic crowd which wasn’t willing to give. 

It was obvious.  I was making less than the person on minimum wage.  I couldn’t believe that as Catholics who were meant to be the model of giving couldn’t give.

I place myself on the firing line before I go any further. 

I know I have to do a better job recognizing the opportunities to give whatever it maybe and it may only be my time and not necessarily money but the fact remains you cannot run a legitimate website without financial supporting.

Some of these nasty people writing me need to learn some basic economics.

I respond in return , “Do you work for free?”  And If not why not because this is what you are telling me to do (as if I dont have bills)? 

Other people who maintain sites may only write a few times a week Im getting out dozens of dozens of news items daily in conjunction with all my podcasting and articles.

I have to maintain EVERY aspect of this apostolate literally.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for me to be working 70+hours a week.  Do these same people work as much?  I doubt it.

The question remains this.  Is my information worth 10$ a month or not?

I have had some tell me they would easily pay 20$ a month and with a renewal rate of 99 percent monthly very few people leave so the statistics speak for themselves.  It means those who come stay for the long term.

The paywall helps to keep detractors out and this IS intended!

The REAL TRADCATKNIGHT followers don’t mind paying the nominal fee of 10$ at all and do so without griping.  Those who complain are held back to self-love.  Or perhaps they have a fear of being poor.  Recall the poor woman in the Old Testament who gave “her very last” unto the Prophet and was rewarded IMMENSELY!

Have Catholics forgotten this?  We hear it but dont live it.

Some of these folks sound like Socialists as if everything should be given to them for free! 

Well, perhaps the mainstream outlets can give free information (who have deep rooted funding from a wide variety of sources) but for an independent like me it is imperative my work is sustained directly from my followers.

There are some in foreign countries unfortunately who cant afford it (although I still have many from various foreign countries as paid members) so Im not sure how to respond to that situation.  The people complaining are not really TradCatKnight followers they maybe observers from times past but to say the nominal fee of 10$ a month keeps you from this information typically results from “do I have too?” 

It is priced as such so that even people making minimum wage can join.  If you make 10 dollars an hour and work full time you are bringing in about 1600 gross and 1200 net a month. 10 dollars divided by 1200 is less than one percent of your overall net income!!!  It means you simply don’t want to pay so stop complaining.

You cant have this “I get something for free mentality not even in the informational world” where it might be the case in most cases.

Business consultants get paid for their knowledge and expertise and I provide a rare service of information and expertise upon subjects not widely talked about in Catholic circles. 

If this is not worth the 30 something cents a day to you then please go elsewhere BUT STOP Complaining due to your own self-love.  Complaining got the Isrealites in trouble and killed a good number of them.

Give and it shall be given unto you.  Some Catholics have forgotten this as well.  I could do a whole sermon on this but I wont bore you.

For those wanting to come to TradCatKnight but are having hard times budgeting contact me at for that is my specialty I am a numbers guy.

For the price of one sit down fast food meal you could be here at TradCatKnight “staying ahead of the game” but for some they will stay outside the Fortress just throwing fits and complaining.

You work I work.

If the paywall didn’t go up there would literally be no TradCatKnight at all.

In the end, even information is not free and given the times we live in people are willing to pay a price for the Truth.  My following proves this thesis.  You certainly aren’t finding it in the false traditionalist, novus ordo or mainstream circles so if that is what you want have at it.

My eagles are with me and they have been with me from the beginning and we grow immensely every month putting aside all rumors I have just a few hundred followers or what not.  Those people are only jealous at the success of this apostolate.

TradCatKnight is competitively priced and I have been told by those who were premium members over at Church Militant that what I AM doing FAR BLOWS AWAY anything they are doing and you get the TRUTH in this crisis to boot!  If you would like to join us at TradCatKnight we would love to have you for even after a few days you will be blown away by the topics I cover and the amount of information given on a regular basis.

For those who will never have the intention of paying for a service Quit the complaining or I’m going to call your Mother;)



I want to hear from you all! What do you think? Comment below….

4 thoughts on “Catholic Stinginess

  1. Tell the complainers you are not holding a gun to their heads it is optional to join and if they can’t afford it then that too is their option but every person including the guy that reviews as see on tv products on you tube gets paid. However that guy on you tube is not looking out for their souls or future welfare so what is your soul worth. You fo a job you need to be compensated AMEN. God Bless

  2. Hang in there Eric!
    We love you for all you do.
    I think 20 per month is more than fair and would rather see that than this apostolate go down. There will always be haters; let them hate.
    Ave Maria!

  3. People will complain about $10 a month,receiving many enlightening podcasts and articles;yet how many will waste many times that amount for the effluent that pours out of their t.v. ?

  4. How many people are signed up to the new YouTube premium? Or Spotify? You’ll pay 10 bucks a month for both of those but you won’t fork over a penny for the salvation of your soul? I’m afraid people really have to start taking a close look at their priorities. Tradcatknight is easily worth $20 a month, and it’s competitively priced at only half that. But what price could ever be put on a soul? And what fee could ever ransom one back?

    St. Vincent de Paul, Pray for us!
    Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us!

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