Reset or Collapse or Both?

By:  Eric Gajewski


Some of the biggest names from the economic and financial community have been on my program in times past to talk about a coming reset.  I have only had a few like Gerald Celente and Lynette Zang to state that we are headed into the greatest depression this country has ever known.  Is the talk of a mere correction or reset due to false optimism in support of Trump?  I believe so.  It is sort of like clinging on to air.  It is there but you simply cant grasp it. So what are we looking at specifically? Allow me to explain.

First, a market correction implies the market will be coming back at some point as it always has in times past but this time around it will not.

It ties in with a much deeper discussion on the war on cash and paper fiat money system currently being employed which I have discussed in times past.

We have seen the past few days the DOW dropping significantly, in fact, the largest drop off ever for a 24 hour period just occurred the other day.

This is not going to be a situation wherein the DOW drops to 17k and then Trump sets the course with new economic policies to get the economy back on track.

Absolutely not!

We are going to see stocks tank not only here in this country but globally as we are already witnessing now in European and Asian markets.

The stock market will crash because the new world order wants to shift everyone over to a digital economy because they can more easily control the masses (or whats left us after ww3/pandemics).

This is not a reset in the sense the system will stay the same or as is as so many neo-cons are trying to convince us of these days.

Sadly supposed Catholics are buying int this garbage.

The shift is on.  The chip is already in your bank cards folks where do you think that chip is going next?

They will say it will protect you from potential hacking.

They will say the chip will ensure you will never be kidnapped because you can always be tracked and so on and so forth.

These Luciferians are brilliant.

Now if we want to say there is a rest coming and this is used to describe what I just mentioned than ok I can go with that.

It is all how you break down the term “reset” I suppose but it is still not a strong enough word to describe what is about to happen.

Financial and societal collapse are just around the corner and it is time for us Catholics “to reset” this Lent and gain proper perspective because there is not much time before the man of sin shows up unto the sin with his sidekick the False Prophet.

Did you all see the latest in “Israel”.

The Pascal Lamb to be sacrificed for the first time in 2000 years and the protestants are happy because?

Folks, the old has past away and been revoked and the Jews do not embrace the New.

They don’t accept Christ and there is no more need for any other lamb outside of the Lamb of God.

So many prophetic things happening the last few days and we just caught word of a leading Israeli economist who has accurately forecasted crisis’s in times past saying the collapse in America will seemingly happen in August or September.

September has always been my month of choice I just didn’t think we could be seeing the economic collapse this early in the year 2020.

May God have mercy on us!  Let’s reset so that we don’t spiritually collapse fellow eagles.

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One thought on “Reset or Collapse or Both?

  1. I agree, it is too soon for the reset to occur. China is willing to sacrifice their population to ensure manufacturing demands are met. Pray for China and the lost souls there.

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